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American tourist beat Malawi guard for foiling threesome with sex workers

Delick Chiwala, 49, working as a security guard at Sosi Lodge in Lilongwe is not reporting for duties because he is nursing wounds after being beaten and wounded for barring an American tourist who brought a sex worker at the Lodge when he already had another one in another room at the lodge. Delick Chiwala in an interview Sosi Lodge in Lilongwe Courtney Devon Davis, a black American tourist, lodged at Sosi Lodge near the Lilongwe bus depot from Saturday, 14th March with a Malawian woman who was later understood to be a sex worker and stayed at the lodge till the night of Tuesday when Davis went out alone in the evening for drinking. When Davis came back around midnight, he was with another sex worker.

We advised him that he could not bring another woman in the lodge when he already had another one in the lodge as that would cause chaos which might result in thefts and damages in the lodge because of the confusion that might ensue, explained Delick Chiwala in an interview. Chiwala said the tourist could not take and that he wanted to be entertained by the two women at once three some. Our guest challenged us that he pays for the rooms, and the women could not stop him from having sex with them all, Chiwala said.

He said Davis was behaving strangely that night unlike the nights he had spent with them previously; he was wild and looked confused as a person who had taken not only beer but drugs as well. Davis charged at Chiwala raining uncountable blows at him. He landed so many blows at me to the point of cutting my upper eye brow as you can see.

I never retaliated. My manager alerted the police in the bus depot, a stone throw away, but they refused to come and assist us saying their mandate is only within the depot. Luckily my friend, a minibus driver was just arriving to book a room; he is the one who phoned 990 police who immediately arrived on the scene by this time I was drenched in my blood.

They arrested our American tourist and took me to Kamuzu Central Hospital where I was treated, narrated Chiwala. The story took a different twist the following morning when Courtney Devon Davis was charged at Lilongwe Magistrate Court. Delick Chiwala said he told the police who was prosecuting the case that he does not want to proceed with the case because he is a born again Christian and he had already forgiven Davis.

I told the police who were accompanying me to the court that I don t want the case to go ahead because as a Christian I had already forgiven Davis. You see, Jesus Christ suffered on the cross for our sake and he forgave us all our sins so why should we fail to forgive one another as Christians. This is the period we remember the suffering of Christ and the best we can do is to forgive one another, Chiwala confirmed the withdrawal of the case.

Davis arrived at the court with American Embassy officials and he pleaded guilty but the prosecutor told the court that the complainant had asked for the case to be withdrawn and the magistrate honoured Chiwala s wish. Chiwala, a member of the CCAP Nkhoma Synod, confided in Lilongwe News Agency that he had faced worse times than the case of Davis in his life which he had also forgiven and did not find it hard to forgive Davis. Lilongwe Police Public Relations Officer, Ramsey Mushane confirmed the arrest of the American tourist, Courtney Devon Davis for wounding Delick Chiwala at Sosi Lodge.

Davis has since left the country for his home.