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C2C Mini O Camera review

C2C Mini O Camera review

Very affordableIFTTT & Alexa connectivity
App UI could be better

3.8Overall Score

How it works

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Many of us today are seeking a solution to home security, here I’ll be re…

SOS Alarm GPS Tracker Waterproof GSM AGPS Tracking System for Children/Parents/Pets/Bicycles TK1000

 Portable Mini GPS Tracker Global Realtime Location SOS Waterproof TKSTAR Tracking Device for Pets Vehicles Human   How does it work?  Any time you want to locate the tracker all you have to do is call the SIM phone number or send it a text message. Once connected the unit will send you a SMS Text message with a Google Maps link. If you want online tracking, then you just need to turn on GPRS and set APN, then log in APP/Web Platform.    Specifications: Size:50mm*50mm*18mm Waterproof: IPX-6 Long battery life, standby 180 hours GPS +AGPS double location...