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Obama dishonored US by trading terrorists for a traitor

Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com) Saturday, March 28, 2015 President Barack Obama is being called out for dishonoring the United States of America by trading five Islamic terrorists for a known military deserter, former U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.

American Center for Law and Justice 1 Senior Counsel David French, who also serves as a major in the U.S. Army Reserves, believes that even worse than Bergdahl s desertion is Obama s unpatriotic act of deceptively jeopardizing America s security deception for political reasons. Much more serious than Bergdahl s desertion is our commander-in-chief s decision to hand the enemy a victory to retrieve a likely deserter, compounded by a decision to celebrate this serious defeat at the White House, and then to clumsily attempt to cover their political tracks by trotting out Susan Rice to deceive the public about Bergdahl s service record, French insists.

French argues that what the president and his staff did not only carrying out such dishonorable acts, but scheming to cover them up is truly a betrayal of everything America stands for. This is dishonor, from the highest levels of American leadership, French maintains. And that kind of dishonor is much more grave, much more difficult to absorb and overcome than any given soldier s decision to desert.

A deserter isn t the worst thing The attorney and soldier goes on to explain that deserting one s military post in the midst of combat has been an unfortunate byproduct of wars for centuries something that has been worked through, war after war. He later says that the president s betrayal of American values through his illicit swap of terrorists for a traitor is much, much worse than defecting. Desertion is a very old story in the history of armies and armed conflict, French explains.

Soldiers deserted from the Continental Army, from the Union Army, from the American armies in World War I and World War II yet those armies fought on, fought well, and prevailed. According to French, it is a commendable thing that Bergdahl is in the process of being brought to justice, but will the act of injustice by the American leadership who freed him be brought before a court of law, as well? An army can survive desertion, so to hear that Bowe Bergdahl has been charged with desertion hardly represents an existential crisis for the military or its character, French expressed.

In fact, it is to the Army s credit that it has charged Bergdahl in the face of prevailing political winds. Sacrificing American ideals and security for political posturing? French insists that even though the Obama administration has betrayed the trust of the American public through the Bergdahl swap, the Cuban spy swap and the Benghazi scandal just to name a few the country will still stand unless the president leaves an unscrupulous legacy behind.

Our culture especially our military culture is remarkably strong, French attests. It can (and has) withstood incompetent and corrupt leadership. He has more faith in the resilience of society than in the Obama s corruption lingering in office.

It can (and has) faced and overcome dishonor at every level of leadership, French contends. It can and will withstand and survive the Obama administration s grotesque incompetence, dishonesty and political opportunism. The only thing French fears is that the fraudulent leadership currently in office will carry on to future administrations, resulting in the decadence and utter collapse of a nation founded on integrity and honor.

However, if the Obama administration is in fact setting an enduring precedent for American leadership, where leaders hand our enemies military victories to score political points at home, where leaders lie to the public to conceal those mistakes and confuse the public about the facts, and then wax indignant when called on those actions, then our culture including our military culture will fray and crack at a fundamental level, French concludes. Intel: WH disregards chemical threat warnings about ISIS Despite receiving intelligence from Egypt that ISIS is in the process of brewing up an arsenal of chemical weapons to further its terrorist onslaught on Western nations, the White House is reportedly looking past such warnings. We moderate all reader comments, usually within 24 hours of posting (longer on weekends).

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Uncertainty still about armed guards

ENFIELD Uncertainty dominated the discussion at the joint Town Council and Board of Education meeting Wednesday to address residents feedback regarding the town s School Security Program. The meeting, at Town Hall, follows four public comment sessions held by the council and board to give parents, teachers, and neighbors alike a voice in deciding whether the program, now in its second year, will be renewed for the 2015-16 fiscal year. The program which has stationed armed security guards at the schools was recommended by the joint Town Council-Board of Education Security Committee after a lone gunman killed 20 first-graders and six staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown on Dec.

14, 2012. The town’s $119.9 million budget for 2014-15 includes almost $795,000 for program s 23 armed guards, in addition to $150,000 for security improvements to school facilities. The council and the school board have set May 1 as the deadline for a decision whether to continue the program.

The town pays for armed security guards to be stationed at all the public schools, the two parochial schools, and the Enfield Montessori School. Wednesday s meeting began slowly, and it seemed officials were almost reluctant to talk about the issue. It was not until school board member Timothy Neville spoke up that the conversation moved forward.

We have not had enough discussion, Neville said. Has anyone quantified the pros and cons? What s good, what s negative, what changes (the public) recommended?

We haven t talked. Many of the concerns and suggestions voiced at the meeting reflected the immense uncertainty surrounding the program. Board member Raymond Peabody called more than once for a school security road map, a guide of what s to come.

What s your plan with (the program)? What s your plan without (the program)? We don t know what the future is, he argued.

Neville suggested more transparency throughout the rest of the decision-making process, reminding the gathered officials that residents misconceptions and misunderstandings about the security program are born from a lack of knowledge. Other discussion points proposed alternatives to the program. Councilman Tom Arnone provided a written proposal for a greater focus on the treatment of mental illness in the schools, a step he believes will help prevent tragedies.

Arnone began by emphasizing that he supported the program two years ago, but added that it needs to develop and change. I want to see the program evolve, Arnone said. He suggested that the armed guards become a smaller part of the overall security program, lessening the financial burden of the program.

More importantly, he proposed that the town use the savings from the guards to hire three youth counselors and form a School Mental Health Assessment Team.

The team, Arnone explained in his proposal, Is a prevention and early intervention strategy specifically designed to intervene with students who are at risk of or are experiencing first onset of serious psychiatric illness and its multiple issues and risk factors