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Should We Just Let the Army Do It?

PROFESSIONAL ARMIES often toil in obscurity until they are needed. Absent a sense of external threat, militaries are often unappreciated and lack constituencies of their own. These professional armies, as is the case in most European and North American…

The Maritime Security Challenge in Sabah

Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) fighters (file image via social media)
By CIMSEC[1] 2019-08-16 12:57:40
[By Zachary Abuza, PhD]
 In 2013, a group of several hundred armed militants from the southern Philippines landed in the Sabahan city of Lahud Datu in a…

Armed police at Eastbourne Airbourne – Eastbourne Herald

Armed police will be patrolling Eastbourne seafront during Airbourne as part of a package of security measures.
Concerete barriers have also been put in place along the seafront as the annual four-day festival of flight in Eastbourne begins.


Mexico cartel hangs bodies from city bridge in grisly show of force



Jalisco New Generation cartel claims 19 deaths in Uruapan
Drug gangs believed to be fighting for control of avocado trade

The crypts of bodies in a separate incident in Guadalajara in 2018. The Jalisco…