Urban Security Chain Anti-Theft Motorcycle High Security and Approved 120 cm neutral

SALE PRICE: £105.69

  • High security chain made of hardened steel ø15 + maximum safety arch lock ø15 with double clasp.
  • If you want even more security in your car park, you can combine it with the URBAN UR55 anchor.
  • High security level 20, the set is CLASSE SRA approved and has been tested against saw, shearing, mallet, lever..
  • The chain is closed by the URBAN U8K lock with a strong closing arch diameter 15, a state-of-the-art SEK PLUS DISCTECH cylinder, an innovative double locking system that locks the fork by its two tips, thus doubling its resistance to possible attacks.
  • Chain made of strong 15 mm diameter links made of steel with maximum strength and a length of 120 cm, our chain has been tested and approved by the most demanding independent European laboratories against saw, shears, mallever, etc. Textile cover to prevent damage to your motorcycle paint.
  • Made in Europe for better quality and after-sales service.
  • SEK PLUS DISCTECH cylinder with the highest protection against attacks, freezing spray and 2.5 mm anti-drill disc.
  • The URBAN U8K is a high security anti-theft, its striking plastic protective case and its compact design make it unique.
  • Includes 3 high security reversible keys with possibility of duplicating by code very useful in case of loss.
  • Lid on the lock to protect it from moisture and dirt.

Product description

Size Name:120 cm

Urban Security Bicycle / Motorcycle chain lock – Homologated Level. URBAN – Security, design and the best value for money. NF-FFMC and Class S.R.A approve. Heavy Duty / High Quality / Designed to defeat thieves maximum attacks.

SKU: B00SJ57358