KDL Door Access Control System IP68 Waterproof RFID Keypad Controller, DC12V Power Supply, Electric Magnetic Lock 180kg/350lbs with Z&L Bracket, Door Exit Button, 125KHz Proximity Keyfobs for Home


About this item

  • 1, Introduction: This is a complete access control system, including access controller, power supply, door lock, switch button, and RFID keyfobs. Off-line working, waterproof, suitable for outdoor using.
  • 2, Access Controller: touch keys with working indicator and backlight. Built-in tamper alarm. Don’t need install software or connect to computer. Easy to operate.
  • 3, Electric Magnetic Lock: 180kg/350lbs holding force, equipped with Z&L bracket. NC mode: Locked when power on, unlocked when power off. Suitable for wooden door, metal door, glass door, PVC door, security door, etc.
  • 4, Features: working frequency 125KHz, DC12V working voltage. Support to open door by password, RFID card, password+RFID cards, 3000 user capacity.
  • 5, Applications: door entry system of home, hotel, office, apartment, factory, etc.

Product description

Access Controller
Working voltage: DC12V
Static current: ≤30mA
Open door method: password, cards, password+cards
User capacity: 3000 user cards
RFID working frequency: 125KHz
Card reading distance: 5- 10cm
Wiegand Signal: wiegand 26/34 bits output / input
Door opening time delay: 0-255 seconds
Waterproof level: IP68, can be installed outdoors
Working temperature: -20℃ ~ 70℃
Touch keys with working indicator and backlight, can be used even in dark.
Material: plastic
Size: 140*70*16mm

Power Supply
Voltage: input: AC 110-260V / 50-60 HZ; output: DC12V / 3A
Time delay: 0 ~ 15 s adjustable
Set NC / NO outputs, can control various type of electric locks
Automatic protection function: It will protect automatically and no voltage output when short circuit happening in the circumferential circuit.
Size: 100*65*32mm

Magnetic Lock
Type: electric magnetic lock
Working voltage: DC12V, Current: 380mA~500mA
Holding force: 180kg / 350lbs
Working mode: NC mode, fail-safe type (Unlocked when power off, locked when power on)
Waterproof, can be installed outdoors
Installation: surface installed, don’t need to punch a hole.
Suitable for: wooden, metal, glass, PVC door, security door, etc.
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Size: 172*40*21mm/ 130*32*11mm

Lock Bracket
Type: Z&L bracket for 180kg/350lbs magnetic lock
Size: L bracket: 168*24*39mm; Z bracket: 140*36*78mm
Open Angle: 90 degrees

Package List:
1 * Access Controller
1 * Magnetic Lock
1 * Z&L Bracket
1 * Power Supply
1 * Switch Button
10 * RFID Keyfobs
1 * User Manual

Weight: 2.01 kg
Dimensions: 23 x 16 x 10 cm; 2.01 Kilograms
Model: S20hfs+180kgZL
Part: S20hfs+180kgZL
Colour: S20hfs Kit3
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: Kadongli
Colour: S20hfs Kit3