Firechief FEL730 3 Storey Foldable Fire Escape Ladder With Extra Wide Treads

RRP PRICE: £92.76
SALE PRICE: £87.98
YOU SAVE: £4.78

  • QUICK TO DEPLOY: This fire escape ladder is quick and easy to deploy, giving you more time to safely exit the fire situation. A simple fold-out design and clear instructions provided in the box make it simpler to safely escape a fire.
  • FLAME RESISTANT: This ladder has been designed and manufactured from durable, flame-resistant materials. This gives you the confidence that it is safer to use and carries a superior load rating thanks to its durability.
  • EXTRA WIDE LADDER TREADS: This ladder comes with extra wide 300mm rungs for safer and easier use.
  • COMPACT STORAGE BOX: The Firechief escape ladder is packed in an ultra-compact storage box, designed to fit easily in a wardrobe or under a bed. The box also has a grab handle to make it quick and easy to move to the escape window.
  • LARGE WINDOW HOOKS FOR WIDER WINDOWS: This escape ladder is designed for many different kinds of windows, having large window hooks for larger/deeper window sills.

Product description

Style Name:3 Storey

Product Description

The Firechief fire escape ladder is a durable & compact fire escape device for any multi-storey home. Designed with the user in mind, this ladder is easy to unpack and reliable to be used as a safe  escape from a burning building. Manufactured from flame resistant material, the ladder is designed to enable quick and easy escape from a burning building. The large size window hooks and rungs make the ladder easier to secure in place and to descend safely. The ladder is packed in a compact carry-box which can easily be stowed in a wardrobe or under a bed, and the grab handle means it can be moved very quickly to the escape window.

Legal Disclaimer

Maximum Load 450Kg And A Maximum Of 3 People May Use The Ladder At The Same Time. This Ladder Is Not A Toy And Should Not Be Used By Young Children Unless Supervised By An Adult.

Dimensions: 12 x 47 x 37 cm; 5.4 Kilograms
Model: FEL730
Manufacture: Firechief
Origin: China