Firechief FEL430 Firechief Fire Escape Ladder For Home Use | Compact Lightweight Ladder For Emergency Situations & SVB1/K40 Kitemarked Budget Fire Blanket | Small Fire Blanket (1m x 1m)


  • Product 1: QUICK TO DEPLOY: This fire escape ladder is quick and easy to deploy, giving you more time to safely exit the fire situation. A simple fold-out design and clear instructions provided in the box make it simpler to safely escape a fire.
  • Product 1: FLAME RESISTANT: This ladder has been designed and manufactured from durable, flame-resistant materials. This gives you the confidence that it is safer to use and carries a superior load rating thanks to its durability.
  • Product 1: EXTRA WIDE LADDER TREADS: This ladder comes with extra wide 300mm rungs for safer and easier use.
  • Product 1: COMPACT STORAGE BOX: The Firechief escape ladder is packed in an ultra-compact storage box, designed to fit easily in a wardrobe or under a bed. The box also has a grab handle to make it quick and easy to move to the escape window.
  • Product 2: KITEMARK CERTIFIED: When you buy this Premium Fire Blanket from Firechief, you can be confident that you are buying a quality safety product. This blanket carries the prestigious Kitemark, proving that it is certified to the latest relevant British Standard (BSEN 1869)
  • Product 2: SOFT PLASTIC POUCH: Designed for ease of use and functionality, this Premium Fire Blanket is stored in a soft plastic pouch. The pouch has two holes in it, making it easy to hang on the wall. Alternatively, the flexibility of the soft case means you can store this blanket in a drawer or cupboard without taking up too much space.
  • Product 2: 5 YEAR GUARANTEE: Created to give you peace of mind, this Premium Fire Blanket from Firechief comes with a 5 Year Guarantee. Designed to be long-lasting, reliable and durable, this fire blanket can be relied upon to perform whenever needed.
  • Product 2: IDEAL SIZE FOR PAN FIRES: The compact size of this Premium Fire Blanket makes it very suited for use in the early stages of domestic fire situations. With over 1 m² of coverage, this blanket is ideal to tackle pan fires, as well as being suited for use in your garage, office and caravan/motorhome.

Product description

Style Name:2 Storey |  Pattern Name:+ Fire Blanket

Firechief FEL430 Firechief Fire Escape Ladder For Home Use | Compact Lightweight Ladder For Emergency Situations | 2 Storey Foldable Escape Ladder With Extra Wide Treads
The Firechief fire escape ladder is a durable & compact fire escape device for any multi-storey home. Designed with the user in mind, this ladder is easy to unpack and reliable to be used as a safe  escape from a burning building. Manufactured from flame resistant material, the ladder is designed to enable quick and easy escape from a burning building. The large size window hooks and rungs make the ladder easier to secure in place and to descend safely. The ladder is packed in a compact carry-box which can easily be stowed in a wardrobe or under a bed, and the grab handle means it can be moved very quickly to the escape window.

Firechief SVB1/K40 Kitemarked Budget Fire Blanket | Small Fire Blanket (1m x 1m) | Suited For Use Around The Home (Kitchen, Office, Garage)
A Premium Fire Blanket from Firechief, made of a Silicone Coated Twill Weaved Fibreglass Cloth. At 1m x 1m, this blanket balances size, quality and effectiveness to provide peace of mind for the homeowner. This blanket itself is made of a very similar material to industrial welding protection equipment, making it extremely effective in the early stages of a fire. The Soft Plastic Pouch means that the blanket doesn’t have to be wall-mounted to work effectively. The blanket can quickly be accessed by sharply pulling to tabs, secured in place by a Velcro strip. This also means that this Blanket can easily be stowed for a journey, picnic or taken to an event.