ABUS Bordo Folding Lock 6000K with SH Lock Holder – Bicycle Lock with XPlus Cylinder for High Tampering Protection – ABUS Security Level 10 – Length 90 cm


  • Safe and flexible: foldable bicycle lock with ABUS safety level 10 – good protection for protection against medium theft risk
  • Xplus cylinder: disc cylinder, which offers particularly high protection against tampering such as picking
  • Stable: 5 mm thick rods and the housing are made of specially hardened steel – the rods are connected by special rivets
  • Product details: Bordo 6000K/90 – length 90 cm (when unfolded), width 64 mm, weight 1207 g, colour black, includes 2 keys and holder
  • Coating: folding lock with extra soft and durable coating of the rods and the housing – for protection against paint damage and for good grip
  • Sh-holder: lock holder for easy transport on the bike, which is mounted without tools thanks to practical tension straps, the Bordo is remove from the front bracket

Product description

ABUS Bordo 6000K SH – safety, flexibility and good handling.

The Bordo 6000K folding lock is the successor to the Bordo 6000. With small changes in the design and on the jacket as well as an XPlus cylinder, it is part of the Bordo family. Trust in the quality of the classic.

Six 5 mm thick foldable steel rods connected by special rivets, fold up like a ruler – this is how the Bordo 6000K folding lock looks Made of specially hardened steel, the bars and housing provide a high resistance. A soft and at the same time resistant protection against scratches on the wheel is provided by the coating. In addition, this makes the lock particularly easy to grip.

Advantages of the XPlus cylinder:
The XPlus disc cylinder from ABUS has a patent-protected mechanism. This prevents the key from being turned before it is fully inserted into the cylinder. In addition, it is particularly well protected against tampering attempts such as picking. Another advantage of the cylinder type is that it is well suited for making simultaneous locks. Do you have a lock with XPlus cylinder? Then when buying another lock with XPlus cylinder it is usually possible to have it finished simultaneously to the existing lock. No more large keyrings – one key fits both locks.

Other product benefits:
ABUS safety level 10 – good protection against medium risk of theft.
Includes code card with key number to make a replacement key, if you lose your key.
ABUS key service for convenient reordering of the keys.
Made in Germany

Size: 90 cm
Dimensions: 10.16 x 5.08 x 5.08 cm; 453.59 Grams
Brand: ABUS
Model: 62094
Colour: Black
Manufacture: ABUS
Colour: Black
Department: Unisex
Department: Unisex
Size: 90 cm