28 L Fireproof Safe Box,1.0 Cub Dual-Security Steel Safe Cabinet with Keypad LED Indicator, Digital Combination Lock Safe(Gray)-for ID Papers, A4 Documents, Laptop Computers, Jewels


About this item

  • 🔐【28L Large Capacity】- The outer size of the safe is 37 x 31 x 30cm, the inner size is 36.5 x 29.5 x 26cm, and the capacity is 28L. The partition can be removed to expand the storage space, which is perfect for protecting your iPad, cash, jewelry, camera and important files. Suitable for home, office, hotel safe, business and even car.
  • 🔐【Fireproof & Strong & Secure】- made of solid steel, triple lock core reinforced with special technology, 1-8 digit programmable password numeric keyboard, increase the anti-theft coefficient. The thickness of the thickened steel safe door is 5mm, and there are three 20mm steel locking bolts, which have impact resistance and certain fire resistance. Provides physical protection against forced entry.
  • 🔑【Password and Emergency Key】- The safe can be opened by password and knob or key and knob. If the password is entered incorrectly 3 times, it will vibrate and sound an alarm for 1 minute. The initial password of the safe is 159 or 1234. If you accidentally put the key in the box after installing the battery, you can use the initial password to unlock. When the indicator light turns red, it means that the battery is almost exhausted. Please replace the battery in time.
  • 🔐【Easy to install】- 4 AA batteries (not included), used to control the battery-powered digital panel. The fireproof safe is equipped with 4 mounting bolts and has pre-drilled mounting holes, which can be installed in a closet, shelf or closet under the floor. The product includes a 28L safe, 2 emergency keys, 4 mounting screws, 1 manual and 1 moisture-proof pad.
  • 🔥【Warm Tips】- 1. Do not leave the key in the safe! When the battery is low or the password is forgotten, you can directly use the key to open the safe; 2. The safe can withstand high temperature and fire, but like any refractory items, it will not withstand endless open flames; 3. The safe does not support long-term soaking; 4. The safe is just a barrier to protect items from fire or water damage. Therefore, it is best to keep them away from fire or water.
SKU: B0928625FY
Weight: 9.68 kg
Size: 28L Gray
Dimensions: 51.29 x 41.7 x 32 cm; 9.68 Kilograms
Colour: Brown
Manufacture: Kacsoo
Colour: Brown
Size: 28L Gray