Latvian State Police report situation in Victory park

According to estimates from Latvian State Police, approximately 300 people have visited the monument located in Victory park between 07:30 and 10:30 so far. State Police once again urge residents to reconsider coming to the monument! The situation as of 11:00 a.m.

9 May in Latvia: people arrive on their own to lay flowers in Riga and elsewhere. The process is controlled by law enforcers – police carefully monitor and control the influx of people to prevent crowds. Police have seen individual cases of some residents headed in the direction of Victory park wearing a Ribbon of St.

George or other symbol. Some person tried singing the Russian anthem through a loud speaker.

Police also found once case of a man wearing a jacket with medals attached.

After a conversation with police, aforementioned activities were ceased and prohibited symbols removed. In Kengarags, Riga, police noticed and stopped a car bearing a ribbon of St.

George arranged in the shape of V. The ribbon was taken off. Police have commenced an administrative procedure over use of symbols glorifying military aggression and war crimes.

Two persons were detained by police so far. One woman for using symbols glorifying military aggression and war crimes – ribbon of St. George – and refusal to prevent the violation, and a man for being drunk in a public place and committing small hooliganism.

Latvian State Police remind that on 9 May they will pay attention to residents to make sure no one uses stylized uniforms, ribbons of St.

George, symbols Z and V or other symbols that glorify or justify war.

Use of the flag of the Russian Federation is also considered use of war-glorifying symbols. These violations will not be allowed this day and residents should keep in mind that they may face liability, both administrative and criminal. State Police also report that this morning around 07:00 a.m. in Liepaja a monument was found damaged with the word ‘occupants’ written on it.

Police have commenced a criminal procedure in accordance with Part 1 of Section 185 of the Criminal Law. Though people’s emotions and the wish to wish to express their opinion about Russia are understandable, State Police urge residents to not engage in hooliganism and provocative activities, including the damaging of public and private property. Latvia, which is a democratic country, has law and order.

Police have to respond to such cases. State Police urges residents to refrain from such provocations! State Police and other services continue monitoring the situation and public order.

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