ISOP Fire Escape Ladders 13ft | Retractable Ladders for 2 Story Homes | Compact & Portable | Rope Ladder for Balcony & Windows Escape


About this item

  • Gentle to hands. When creating these ladder, we considered the flaws of our competitors. The bestsellers such as first alert and kidde have a lot of complaints about the fact that when using their ladders rungs cut users’ hands because aluminum rungs are sharp. We took this into account and our ladders do not have sharp corners and they are safe for use by both adults and children.
  • Integral straps. Again, comparing our ladders to competitors, it should be noted that, unlike others, from top end to the bottom our ladders consist of one piece of webbing strap that can withstand more than a ton (!) Thanks to a special patented technology. While competitors’ webbing ladders are sewn in pieces, which in our opinion is unreliable.
  • Stabilizers. Our ladders’ rungs have stabilizers which allow the ladders not adhere tightly to the wall but stay sturdy against it and therefore greatly facilitate the descent from the second or third floor.
  • Antislip Rungs. A special pattern on the surface of the rungs makes the descent from the apartment non-slip in any weather.
  • Reusable. Our ladders are reusable, unlike competitors’. With proper storage, they can last for years!
Weight: 4.72 kg
Dimensions: 44.45 x 34.29 x 13.97 cm; 4.72 Kilograms
Brand: ISOP
Model: 4 m met haken

Product Description

Rescue device Rope Ladder Fire Escape 13 ft ISOP Emergency Fire Ladder for 4 Story Homes 32ft (10m) ISOP Tree Climbing Rope Ladder 16ft (5m) Anchor Hooks- Expansion Bolt And Hander FIXE 1 Rock Climbing Anchors