6 x Airport Security Liquids Bag Reusable Clear for Travel Hand Luggage – Airport Approved, Resealable 20cmx20cm – by Blueskye


  • ✔️BAGS MADE TO LAST 100+ TRIPS, NOT ONLY 1 – Do away with thin, cheap single use plastic liquid bags which split & cost £££. Our bags are manufactured with a heavy-duty PVC material compared to thin PE plastic which is offered elsewhere. Our bags are serrated with a 5mm heat press along the edges to prevent splits. Heavy duty press zippers are used so you can maximise the capacity of the bag without your items falling out & risking spillages.
  • ✔️AIRPORT APPROVED – FLY THROUGH SECURITY – 3 dimensional, zipped & bags larger than 20cm X 20cm are NOT accepted at UK & European airports. Don’t take the risk. Our bags fall within CAA guidelines which give you certainty your 100ml liquids will be accepted at security checkpoints across the world.
  • ✔️CONVENIENT/ MULTIPLE USES – We have designed our bags with convenient handles which make the bags practical & easy to carry. Furthermore, due to the high-quality nature of the bags our customers don’t only use these bags for airport toiletries, but also for day to day use such as – organising your handbag/manbag, storing documents, makeup & much more.
  • ✔️ECO FOCUSED – Instead of using single use plastic why not choose a reusable option? Reusable plastic is a lot cheaper & better quality than single use plastic plus it won’t have such a negative impact on the environment & landfill.
  • ✔️UK BASED & LIFETIME WARRANTY – We are based in Burnley, Lancashire. We offer a lifetime warranty with this product, love it or your money back!

Product description

A reliable high quality 6 pack of CAA approved airport security liquid bags that can be used time & time again.

  • Unlike others, our bags are manufactured for a single sheet of plastic. This means that the bottom of the bag is the strongest! Alternative products are produced from 2 sheets of material stuck together which leaves the bottom of the bag one of the weakest parts!
  • Our unique style of bags make them ideal for carrying while juggling your luggage at security checkpoints. Not only that but because of our design & durability, the bags can be used for multiple items on a day to day basis.
  • Easily transport your 100ml liquids & prevent spillages. Our durable press zip will keep your items nice and secure inside the bag and prevent unwanted liquid making a mess of your hand luggage.
  • ‘Carry on’ Air travel approved. Our bags fall within CAA guidelines which isn’t the case for some others.
  • Get in touch if you have any questions. Remember, if you don’t like this item we will buy them back off you!

Have a stress free start to your holiday, avoid queues while taking your much treasured liquid essentials with you. Click ‘add to basket’ now and order yours today!