Back to school: Security guard hurt by entitled driver returns to duty

A school guard lightly injured trying to stop a maniac driver from forcing entry into a primary school is back in action after recovering at home. Neo Ah Whatt, 62, was spotted this morning ushering cars into the Red Swastika School after taking a short break at home. He was recovering from scraped knees inflicted by a man who accelerted his stopped Bentley into him after being denied entry into the school on Tuesday.

The incident infuriated Singapore with Education Minister Chan Chun Sing and the Union of Security Employees both stepping in to denounce the actions of the 61-year-old driver who was arrested later that afternoon. The driver’s name has yet to be disclosed by authorities though part of his face was revealed in videos that surfaced after the incident. In the videos, the white Bentley’s driver was seen cutting in line during the morning traffic rush when parents drop their children off at the school.

The driver and the passenger then got out of their cars to argue with Neo and school staff before driving into Neo, who was using his body weight to stop the vehicle. 

The Union of Security Employees said they paid Neo a visit after the incident and gifted him vouchers and nourishment. Neo then took a short break at home to recover from his minor injuries. Other stories you should check out:
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