Security guard almost draws gun onstage at Javier Milei campaign event

A moment of confusion and tension at the Luna Park Stadium in Buenos Aires drew headlines  this electoral Sunday after an armed security guard almost drew his weapon onstage during celebrations marking Javier Milei’s election to Congress. Minutes after the victorious Avanza Libertad candidate for national deputy had finished addressing thousands of supporters at the venue, celebrating his election to the National Congress, the security guard rushed to the front of Luna Park’s stage after identifying a potential threat to those present. The incident occured during a speech by Victoria Villarruel, Milei’s running-mate, and the guard – who according to reports saw an attendee be lifted up by others and attempt to climb onto the stage to interrupt proceedings – took up a protective position in front of the candidate and placed his hand on his waist, revealing a concealed weapon beneath his suit jacket.

The attempted stage invasion was quickly curtailed though, with the (allegedly drunken) individual lowered back into the crowd. The guard, who did not ultimately draw his weapon, was then ushered quickly offstage by a colleague, before Villarruel continued with her speech. The incident was caught on multiple cameras, both from local news channels and individuals on their mobile phones, with footage of the incident going viral quickly on social networks.

Milei, an outspoken libertarian economist, shook up this year’s midterms with a strong first run for office. In Buenos Aires City, he finished third with more than 17 percent of the vote. Sources close to Milei told Perfil on Sunday night that the security guard had been immediately separated and removed from Luna Park.


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