Police report filed after Brass Against singer urinates on fan’s face during gig

A police report was filed following the recent on-stage urination incident during a performance by US band Brass Against. Last week, the group’s singer, Sophia Urista, was filmed urinating on a fan’s face midway through a rendition of Rage Against the Machine‘s “Wake Up” in Daytona, Florida. Before inviting the man to lie down on the stage, Urista had told the crowd: “I gotta pee.

And I can’t make it to the bathroom. So we might as well make a show out of it.” The band subsequently apologised for the incident, writing on Twitter: “Sophia got carried away.

That’s not something the rest of us expected, and it’s not something you’ll see again at our shows. Thanks for bringing it last night, Daytona.” Now, a report in local paper The Daytona Beach News Journal claims that a report was filed to law enforcement in the wake of the scandal.

Daytona Beach police spokesperson Messod Bendayan told the outlet that police received a message on the department’s Facebook account last Friday (12 November) regarding the incident. After being instructed to file a formal report, the person in question did so. He said the report would be looked into by the department’s criminal investigations division.

Indecent exposure, defined as “[exposing one’s] sexual organs in public or on the private premises of another, or so near thereto as to be seen from such private premises, in a vulgar or indecent manner”, is a crime punishable by a fine of £1,000 (GBP743) or up to a year’s jailtime.

The Independent has contacted Brass Against’s representative for comment.

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