No evidence Amsterdam Noord robbers shot in direction of police: Report

A forensic report obtained by showed there is no reason to believe that the seven suspects who robbed a money transport in Amsterdam Noord in May shot in the direction of police. Police fatally shot one of the suspects, a 47-year-old Frenchman, after a high-speed car chase. The pursuit ultimately ended a meadow in Waterland.

Police took six suspects into custody. Eyewitnesses said they heard several gunshots. All bullets found at the scene stemmed from police weapons, according to the forensic report.

Additionally, there were no bullet holes in any of the police vehicles involved in the chase. The suspects’ lawyers have requested to view the bodycam footage of the police. “It could be that it was the police who fired at random and not my client,” defense attorney Arne Kloosterman said. If it can be proven in court that the robbers did not fire their weapons at police, the attempted murder and attempted manslaughter charges will have to be dropped.

Belgian and French authorities announced they made two additional arrests connected to the robbery earlier this week.

The suspects tried to make away with 14.5 million euros worth of precious metals.

A large part of the stolen goods are still unaccounted for.

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