March Networks announces that they have achieved CyberSecure Canada certification

March Networks is pleased to announce that it has achieved CyberSecure Canada certification, developed by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, Canada’s authority on cybersecurity. In order to become certified, an organisation must put into place the requirements of the 13 security control areas developed by the Centre. Examples of these control areas include developing an incident response plan, implementing strong user authentication, providing employee training, implementing data recovery methods, and ensuring encryption across all data.

Accredited certification body

After implementing the requirements, an organisation must go through a rigorous audit by an accredited certification body.

March Networks is pleased to have been successful in the implementation of these stringent requirements. “March Networks’ solutions are deployed by some of the world’s largest banks, retailers, and transit agencies, organisations with the most demanding cybersecurity requirements,” said Net Payne, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for March Networks. “Our complete end-to-end approach to cybersecurity – covering our people, products and processes – enables us to continually meet these rigorous standards year after year. Achievement of this certification is further evidence of our commitment to cybersecurity and data protection.”

Extensive physical access

March Networks’ holistic approach to cybersecurity involves a 360? view of all areas of its business

March Networks’ holistic approach to cybersecurity involves a 360? view of all areas of its business – from product development and source code management to operational processes such as securing corporate technology infrastructure. It also includes internal processes incorporating security controls, employee education, and the protection of customers’ data and privacy. The company’s Network Operations Center, for example, operates with extensive physical access and networking controls and restrictions to ensure the security of customer data.

The company also participates in comprehensive security audits and penetration testing on a regular basis, as well as when initiated by its large enterprise customers seeking to confirm the security of their video solution provider.

Identifying potential vulnerabilities

In addition, March Networks takes a proactive approach to identify potential vulnerabilities in its products.

The company’s Security Updates and Advisories program involves regularly tracking US-CERT reports on identified vulnerabilities, conducting in-depth investigations when required, and alerting customers and partners to any necessary software updates via email alerts and information posted on the March Networks website and Partner Portal.

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