Gardena 0209-20 Guantes agua Talla 8. para Los trabajos en estanques y de limpieza, Estándar

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About this item

  • Size: 7/small
  • Waterproof latex coating
  • Wear comfort with cotton lining
  • For pond and cleaning
  • Excellent fit.

Product description

The GARDENA water glove is the suitable aid used everywhere, where they use water, for example, when cleaning ponds and pumps or when rinsing of compost containers. They also ensure clean hands when doing wet and dirty jobs, thanks to durable, non-slip and waterproof latex coating. Good grip thanks to the surface structure. Nothing misses, you have everything under control. Since the material is waterproof, keep your hands dry. In addition, the comfortable cotton lining for a comfortable feel.

Weight: ‎120 g
Size: 7/small
Dimensions: ‎30 x 19.99 x 19.99 cm; 120 Grams
Model: ‎00209-20
Part: ‎00209-20
Colour: ‎Estándar
Pack Quantity: ‎1
Batteries Required: ‎No
Batteries Included: ‎No
Manufacture: ‎Gardena
Colour: ‎Estándar
Quantity: ‎1
Size: 7/small

From the manufacturer


GARDENA Water-proof Gloves

Water-proof gloves are exactly the right choice whenever a job involves water, such as when cleaning out ponds and pumps or rinsing out compost containers.

For all pond and cleaning jobs

Thanks to their robust, non-slip and waterproof latex coating, they are sure to keep your hands clean even during wet and dirty jobs. The surface texture provides the optimum grip. Nothing can escape your grip. The water-impermeable material will keep your hands dry. In addition, the delightful cotton lining makes them really comfy to wear.

The optimal fit and – in particular – the specially crafted thumb make the gloves even more comfortable to wear and use, providing them with a snug yet airy feel and ensuring a long life span.

Technical data

  • Size 7/S
  • Robust, latex-coated cotton fabric
  • Non-slip coating
  • Waterproof
  • Long cuff
  • For pond and cleaning work and any kind of job that involves water

Optimum wearing comfort

Some jobs involve sweat and hard work, but you still want a product that offers a high level of wearing comfort and is made from high-quality materials. That's why GARDENA gloves are made from a durable and comfortable material and have a non-slip surface texture.






High-quality materials

Quality from GARDENA: All materials are designed to ensure a high level of wearing comfort and a long life span.

Modern and attractive design

Not only are these water-proof gloves highly functional; they also have an attractive design and provide a perfect fit.

Impressive functionality

The waterproof, non-slip latex coating will keep your hands clean and dry during wet and dirty jobs.

Optimum grip

For easy handling of tools, the glove has a non-slip latex coating to keep everything firmly within your grip.

Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena Gardena
Planting and Maintenance Gloves Gardening and Soil Gloves Water-proof Gloves Tool Gloves Shrub-Care Gloves
Materials Durable cotton fabric; 90% cotton, 10% PVC Robust, elastic knitted nylon fabric Robust, latex-coated cotton fabric Robust cotton mix fabric and synthetic leather (on fingertips) Robust cotton mix fabric and synthetic leather (on palm)
Breathable Back of hand Back of hand
Non-slip coating
Waterproof Water-resistant palm and fingertips
Long cuff
Application For light maintenance and planting jobs that call for a delicate touch. For example: Repotting, pricking out, planting For gardening and soil work where you need your hands to maintain a firm grip while remaining protected from moisture. For example: Planting, weeding, raking For pond and cleaning work and any kind of job that involves water. For example: Cleaning pumps, rinsing out compost containers For all jobs involving mechanical and motorised tools. For example: Axes, hedge trimmers and pruning loppers For all jobs involving shrubs and thorny plants