Police report action against boy racers in Worcester and Droitwich is having success

POLICE have provided an update on dispersal orders they are usinh to tackle the issue of nuisance boy races in Worcester and Droitwich. Inspector Alex Warner of West Mercia Police said the orders, which make it an offence for anyone to return to a specific area for up to 48 hours, have so far been a success. Action was taken after on a number of occasions this year, including during lockdown, vehicles gathered at various locations in Worcester for planned meetings before moving onto Droitwich.

Vehicles were reportedly driven at dangerous speeds in races with large groups of people spectating. Dispersal orders, which covered the A4440 between the island at the junction of Dugdale Drive and the island at the A44 in Worcester and the A422 in Droitwich, were imposed on three weekends in April and May. Insp Warner said: “The dispersal orders have been working well over previous weekends and we’re pleased to report that there have been no instances of cars racing in these areas.

“We want the local communities to feel safe in their own town and not intimidated or distressed due to noise and the volume of people and vehicles gathering.

“We will monitor this situation closely and are continuing with our education and enforcement activity.

I hope the local community are beginning to see the benefits of the action taken over recent weeks.”

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