Perez’s security guard shot in failed robbery attempt

Perez's security guard shot in failed robbery attempt5:18 PM BST

Sergio Perez has confirmed that one of his family security guards was shot in a failed robbery attempt in Guadalajara, Mexico, before he took part in qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix. On Saturday, thieves unsuccessfully attempted to steal one of the cars belonging to Perez’s security detail. After completing qualifying in Monte Carlo, Perez said the security guard is recovering in hospital.

“Basically, they tried to rob the car of my security,” Perez said. “They hurt one of my security guys with one shot, but they basically tried to rob the car. “Nothing else going on.

He’s in good condition. The police got the robbers.” When asked if the attempt had targeted his family, he said: “No, no, no.

My family is good, thank you.”

Perez qualified in ninth position for Sunday’s Monaco Grand Prix.

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