International Maritime Security Launches Remote Cyber Vulnerability Scanning For Ships

Vessels worldwide are now facing compliance with IMO 2021 cyber security regulations.  These are the first of what could be additional cyber security regulations for regulated vessels and facilities.  Chattanooga based International Maritime Security Associates, the developers of the award-winning ARMS software platform, have developed a suite of cyber security tools and services for the maritime industry.  The company has recently launched the capability to conduct basic shipboard network vulnerability assessments without sending personnel onboard.   “This capability is necessary in today’s current COVID environment,” said Corey Ranslem, CEO of IMSA. “We know it isn’t always easy, practical or cost effective to send people onboard a vessel to conduct a cyber security assessment, so we’ve developed this amazing remote assessment tool.  “Through this tool, our cyber specialists can conduct a remote assessment at about half the cost of sending personnel aboard.

This tool helps our global clients with IMO 2021 cyber security compliance along with providing protection of the passengers, crew and critical cargo in the global supply chain.” 
This unique tool is part of a larger suite of cyber security tools IMSA has developed to support vessels and maritime facilities with expanding their cyber security defenses.  Some of these cyber security tools are part of the ARMS software platform. Through ARMS, IMSA can monitor a vessel’s critical systems and networks remotely in real-time through their Chattanooga based state-of-the-art SOC (Security Operations Center).  This capability protects vessels from real-time threats to IT, OT, and other critical network systems.   

“IMSA is continually enhancing the levels of protection we provide our clients,” said Mr.

Ranslem.  “Through ARMS and our 24/7 operations center we provide a variety of client focused services to ensure the safety of your voyage and critical systems.”

For more information about IMSA, the cyber security capabilities or to see the award-winning ARMS platform, contact IMSA at (234) 312-4855 or at

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