Colchester drug raid: 'Police action shows importance of reporting crime'

AN urgent appeal for neighbours to report drug activity in their area has been issued after police rammed their way into a flat in a morning raid. Acting on intelligence received by Colchester’s Community Policing Team, a group of around half a dozen officers were filmed forcing their way into a property off Military Road, New Town, on Monday. A spokesman for the team said the officers were executing a warrant in response to reports of drug activity.

He said: “A quantity of suspected amphetamine and other controlled substances were seized. “Inquiries are continuing.” Lee Scordis, Essex county councillor for New Town, confirmed there is “a lot” of drug-related crime in the area.

“There is a lot of drug activity around Military Road, Goodey Close, and other areas around parts of New Town unfortunately,” he said. “New Town offers a lot of opportunities, with lots of alleyways, for drug deals to take place. “This is why it is so important for police to get this intelligence, for residents to report it when they see it – along with times and locations.”

Mr Scordis said the willingness of some neighbours to make formal reports to police is “mixed”. He added: “There are some people who will never report this kind of activity, they will go on Facebook to complain but perhaps won’t get in touch with the police. “Others have perhaps given up on reporting it as they don’t see anything happen – and that is when I will try to explain that you may not know the full situation, there could be plain clothes officers operating on that intelligence, there could be a lack of resources.

“The more you report what is going on the better chance the police have and the more full a picture they will get.” Mr Scordis hammered home the impact of drug dealing on communities in Colchester. “Drugs damage lives and they bring an area down,” he said.

“Not only through anti-social behaviour but in causing some people to almost feel afraid to leave their house. “Some people don’t know how these people operate, they might feel if they report it they will be blamed and there will be repercussions. “Even just living next to a drug user, people might feel their lifestyle will fuel further criminal activity.”

Anyone with information regarding drug dealings or drug use can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Information can also be reported via

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