Relaxdays Unisex-Youth Garden Trampoline Frame, Ground Security Netting, Accessory for Round Bouncers: Sports & Outdoors

Relaxdays Unisex-Youth Garden Trampoline Frame

SALE PRICE: £32.72

  • Low: Just attach the net to the frame and secure the area underneath the rebounder
  • 5 Sizes: Security netting for round bouncers with 182 cm diameter
  • Security: This net makes sure that pets and toddlers can’t crawl underneath the trampoline
  • Protection: No more danger of injury for anyone or anything under the trampoline
  • Easy to set up: The net is attached using hook and loop fasteners – Quick and easy

Product description

A garden trampoline is lots of fun, especially when it gets warmer outside, but does pose certain dangers as well. Those not only include plunges while jumping, but the area underneath can also be a hazard if left unsecured. This handy floor safety net can be attached to the frame to put an end to such danger. This way you can make sure that neither pets nor toddlers can accidentally crawl under the bouncer. Some of the size options also feature storage pouches for shoes, phones and other utensils.

Frame Netting Details
– For trampolines in various sizes
– Material: PE
– Colour: Black

Ground Clearance Safety Net
– Net (D 183 cm) H x W: app. 40 x 246 cm / app. 0.3 kg
– Net (D 244 cm) H x W: app. 54 x 322 cm / app. 0.5 kg
– Net (D 305 cm) H x W: app. 60 x 420 cm / app. 0.6 kg
– Net (D 366 cm) H x W: app. 85 x 513 cm / app. 0.8 kg
– Net (D 427 cm) H x W: app. 85 x 593 cm / app. 1 kg

Pouch Sizes
– Net (D 183 cm): Small pocket H x W: app. 11 x 22 cm / Large pocket H x W: app. 22 x 19 cm
– Net (D 244 & 305 cm): Small pockets H x W: app. 18 x 30 cm / Large pocket H x W: app. 40 x 30 cm
– Net (D 427 cm): Small pockets H x W: app. 19 x 34 cm / Large pocket H x W: app. 40 x 30 cm
– Net (D 366 cm) does not feature any pouches

Garden Trampoline Safety Net
– Secures the area underneath the trampoline
– Prevents pets and toddlers from crawling underneath
– Attaches to the frame with hook and loop fasteners

Included in Delivery
– 1 x Frame Safety Net
– Decorative items shown in product photos are not included


From the manufacturer

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Versions Net for trampolines with Ø 183, 244, 305, 366 or 427 cm Spring cover for trampolines with Ø 183, 244, 305, 366 or 427 cm Rain cover for trampolines with Ø 183, 244, 305, 366 or 427 cm Trampoline ladder with 2 rungs
Details Prevents plunges and comes including poles and zipper – For round trampolines in various sizes Prevents injuries – Easily attachable – Weather protection – Durable material For easy getting on and off – Easily attaches to the frame of various trampoline sizes – Robust material Increases stability of your trampoline – Adjustable tethers – No digging or drilling

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