Risc-V development kit from Microchip

“Icicle Development Kit for PolarFire FPGAs brings together numerous Mi-V partners to accelerate customer design,” according to the company, “Designers who want to deploy a programmable Risc-V-based SoC/FPGA are now able to evaluate Risc-V ecosystem products such as real-time operating systems (RTOS), debuggers, compilers, and security solutions.” The board is called PolarFire SoC Icicle Kit (MPFS-ICICLE-KIT-ES) and it is built around an FPGA called MPFS250T-FCVG484EES. This has five Risc-V cores: a SiFive E51 monitor core (1 x RV64IMAC) and a quad SiFive U54 application cores (4 x RV64GC).

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