Police cordon off seafront after reports that a hand grenade has been found

PEOPLE are being warned to stay away from Saltburn seafront this afternoon after a report that an old hand grenade has been found. A member of the public has called police to report what is believed to be an old hand grenade being found near to the seafront at Cat Nab in Saltburn. As a result a 50m cordon is being put in place and people are being told to avoid the area for safety reasons.

Saltburn seafront Picture: Google Saltburn Bank is closed, as is the road to Rushpool Hall from the bypass.

Coach Road into Brotton will be closed and the cordon will close the beach in either direction for 50m. A Cleveland Police spokesman said: “People should avoid the area and not be tempted to visit to see what is happening. “The explosive ordnance disposal team have been alerted and will be attending the scene.

“Thank you for your cooperation.”

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