Police car ends up on its roof after pursuit in Audenshaw following knife-point car-jacking

These are the scenes in Audenshaw tonight as a police car ended up overturned on its roof following a pursuit after a knife-point car-jacking. The incident happened at the junction between Audenshaw Road and Ash Street at around 7pm. Pictures show a police patrol car overturned in the carriageway and a red car appears to have been abandoned on the pavement.

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Witnesses said on social media that the police car flipped over following a pursuit in the area.

Police were “chasing a red car,” a witness wrote in a Facebook post. “Passenger of car bailed at speed then the driver slammed on to do a runner too and the police car collided with it and flipped.” Greater Manchester Police later said they were called at around 6.15pm to reports of a car-jacking at knifepoint on Brookhill Close in Oldham.

“Responding officers became engaged in pursuit of the suspected offending vehicle and a tactical collision took place on Audenshaw Road.

“A police officer suffered minor injuries as a result of the collision and did not require hospital treatment.

“The victim of the car-jacking wasn’t injured but was left understandably shaken”, they added..

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