PowerSave 10w=100w LED Motion Sensor PIR Security Light – A Rated Energy Saving

PowerSave 10w=100w LED Motion Sensor PIR Security Light - A Rated Energy Saving

RRP PRICE: £39.99
SALE PRICE: £23.99
YOU SAVE: £16.00

  • Powersave. Compact and self contained. A Energy rated. 12 metre range. 120 degree angle. 90% energy saving. Uses only 10w and gives light of 100w.
  • Super long life class A LED. 30,000 hour life or 30 years even if used for a few hours per day
  • High quality CE Approved. RoHS Compliant. Pre fitted cable for easy installation
  • You can adjust the time that the light stays on for and also how dark it should get before the light starts detecting.
  • Adjustable PIR angle (Up, down, left and right). Adjustable light angle (Up and down). 240v. Time on can be adjusted from 10 seconds to 10 minutes approx.

Product description

These Powersave branded PIR detector sensor are very good quality. These are long life motion or movement detecting floodlight for your business, home or garden. They are A energy rated which is the best rating for any security light. This floodlight detects thieves and allows you to see yourself when you enter the area and will detect anything that moves within its range. You can adjust the length of time that the light stays on and the amount of darkness before it starts lighting up. You can also set them to come on when it gets to a certain darkness of your choosing so that you are not wasting electricity during the day. You can adjust the PIR detector head to cover different areas and also adjust the light head angle up or down depending how high you want the light to shine. They are SMD technology, CE approved, RoHS compliant and IP44 outdoor rated (Waterproof). Easy to fit Just needs a 240V power supply cable either hard wired or via a fused plug socket.They only use 10w electricity but give the light of 100w halogen bulbs and over a lifetime the unit could save you as much as £500 to £600 in electricity. The Powersave floodlight is 6500k cool bright white and comes on instantly at full brightness. They have an aluminium body with tempered glass en2741 and a certified silver finish with concealed screws on front face. They also have a 120 degree beam angle, 120 degree PIR angle and adjustable light head angle. These floodlights are easy to fit, they just needs a fused 240v power supply either hard wired or via a cable to a fused plug socket and then a couple of wall plugs and screws to mount it to a wall. These Powersave floodlights last 30,000 hours or 30 years in normal use if only used for a few hours per day. They are made using high quality components and the quality is evident which means they are built to a high standard. Please beware of cheap imitations. They have a pre fitted cable for easy installation.

First Available: 18 Oct. 2013
Type: Metal
Material: Metal

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