Police still receiving reports of off-road bikers at Bickershaw Country Park

POLICE say they are still receiving reports of off-road bikes being ridden at Bickershaw Country Park. Officers have issued a warning that use of bikes is not permitted. A vehicle (above) was seized by officers in the area on Saturday (May 9).

Greater Manchester Police said: “We are receiving numerous complaints about off roaders on Bickershaw Country Park. The public are using this space to exercise and adhere to social distancing. “Dangerous use of off roaders at this site and the surrounding areas will not be tolerated as the risk it poses to the public is not acceptable. “This vehicle was seized under section 59 having ignored the signage all around the site.

“Use of these vehicles is also a breach of COVID.

If you have these vehicles find responsible and legal places to enjoy your hobby.

Thank you.”

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