Pivot3 partners with Lenovo and AMD for video surveillance series

Pivot3, the globally renowned provider of intelligent hyper-converged infrastructure solutions for mission critical video, has announced a new platform for video surveillance solutions that enable organisations to do more with less in supporting their mission-critical security operations. Powered by the next generation Lenovo ThinkSystem SR655 server platform with 2nd Gen AMD EPYC processor, the new Pivot3 solutions deliver 10% lower cost per terabyte, 14% better capacity density and 100% more bandwidth than similar solutions. The result is improved camera density at a lower overall TCO for customers who consider their video mission critical.

Pivot3 Surveillance Series

More and more customers are juggling how to enable better business decisions through technology, including capturing, storing and analysing massive amounts of video data to enable real-time decision making with tight budgets,” said Kamran Amini, Vice President and General Manager of server, storage and software defined infrastructure, Lenovo Data Centre Group.

He adds, “Lenovo is collaborating with Pivot3 to deliver innovative solutions that empower customers with the performance they need to handle today’s fast-paced environments while eliminating their challenges.

Powered by Lenovo ThinkSystem SR655 server platform

Pivot3 Surveillance Series appliances provide the performance of a dual-socket server at a lower acquisition cost With the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR655 server platform, the new Pivot3 Surveillance Series appliances provide the performance of a dual-socket server at a lower acquisition cost. The single-socket configuration also offers the potential of up to 50% savings on software licensing compared to the dual socket x86 alternative without sacrificing any performance.

These savings are due to the solution’s use of one CPU instead of two CPUs. Because the Lenovo ThinkSystem servers include the 2nd Gen AMD EPYC processors they also support PCIe 4, which delivers 100% bandwidth increases compared to PCIe 3.

Enhanced bandwidth for video recording

With this update, customers get significantly more bandwidth for video recording and 150% increase in networking speed, with 25GbE support to enable faster video transfer from the edge to the core. The new Pivot3 solutions empower organisations dealing with the enormous growth of video to capture, store and analyse massive amounts of video data while controlling infrastructure investments.

Optimised for video workloads

The new solutions combine the power of the AMD EPYC processors along with Pivot3’s software optimised for video workloads to help ensure video loss and degradation never occur and video is always accessible and available.

The Pivot3 solution also enables non-disruptive scalability and provides intelligent monitoring and analytics capabilities for real-time system health monitoring to maximise system uptime and reduce time to repair.

Mission-critical IoT, security and video deployments

AMD EPYC processors provide an additional layer of value to the new Pivot3 platforms”The combination of Pivot3, Lenovo and AMD delivers the resilience and optimal performance organisations need to support mission-critical IoT, security and video deployments,” said Greg Gibby, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Data Center Products, AMD. He adds, “AMD EPYC processors provide an additional layer of value to the new Pivot3 platforms, empowering customers to make the most of their budgets upfront while increasing cost-effectiveness over time, critical for businesses that seek to expand their video deployments as needs evolve.

Single, modular software-defined platform

The flexibility of the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR655 allows servers to be configured to support the massive processing requirements of new video analytics applications as well, meaning customers can deploy one modular, flexible software-defined platform to meet all their mixed security-workload requirements.

This significantly reduces complexity and cost of ownership over traditional 3-tier proprietary systems or bare-metal servers.

Enhanced security and safety measures

While video data output is growing, budgets have remained the same and this leaves security and IT professionals challenged on how to deliver on security and safety imperatives,” said Ben Bolles, Vice President of Product, Pivot3.

Ben adds, “Building on more than a decade of experience creating solutions purpose-built for video and leveraging the latest in processing technologies, Pivot3 delivers the performance and economics that today’s security decision-makers require.

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