Blink XT2 security cameras come with a $10 Echo Show 5

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See what’s happening around your home with the Blink XT2 security system and an Echo Show 5.Image: amazon / mashable compositeBy Miller Kern[1]Mashable Shopping2020-03-11 13:56:11 UTC

TL;DR: Reliable Blink home security cameras[2] come with a £10 Echo Show 5 — normally an £89.99 product — as of March 11.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely been home alone and heard weird noises coming from outside but have been too spooked to go investigate. A home security camera aids in this by allowing you to see what’s happening around your house without having to get up close and personal. Blink XT2 cameras[3] are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and you can check out the action they’re capturing on your phone or compatible Echo device, like an Echo Show 5.

If you don’t have an Echo with a screen, that’s OK — Amazon is throwing in a £10 Echo Show 5[4] when you purchase Blink XT2 security cameras.

Blink XT2 security cameras come with a $10 Echo Show 5

Amazon’s Echo Show 5 is compatible with Blink XT2 security systems.

Image: amazon / mashable composite

Blink cameras have customizable motion detection, two-way audio, and night vision, and can withstand elements like rain and snow. They’re durable and reliable for peace of mind. Amazon’s Echo Show 5 has all the Alexa features you love, plus the added convenience of a screen.

It displays the time, has access to Prime Video, and (obviously) can show you what your security cameras are seeing.

These Blink security kits come with either two, three, or five cameras and include a £10 Echo Show 5 — kit prices start at £189.99[5].

Blink XT2 security cameras come with a $10 Echo Show 5


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