Yale YS3-KB-43 Platinum 3 Star Euro Double Cylinder Key Blank, High Security, Suitable for All Lock Types

Yale YS3-KB-43 Platinum 3 Star Euro Double Cylinder Key Blank

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  • Yale YS3-KB-43 Key
  • Additional keys for Yale 3 star cylinders
  • Key ordered by key code
  • Key blank with nylon head
  • Add the 3 codes from your key card

Product description

Product Description

Anti Snap for High security

Platinum 3 star Euro cylinder lock has been approved to TS007:2014 3 star rating, the highest level of certification currently available making them one of the best euro cylinder locks.  Endorsed by the Police Secure by design scheme and provides anti snap lock protection for your property.

Euro profile cylinder locks are a convenient way to change your keys without having to replace the entire lock and can be fitted in minutes without the need for any special tools or equipment.  It is the quickest and easiest way to upgrade the security rating of your property.

Premium Lock Specification

Anti snap cylinder lock, includes multi layered defence solutions to stop determined criminals using cylinder snapping to break into a property.  The sacrificial exterior section is designed to withstand a robust lock snapping attack but also engineered with a failsafe that will prevent the lock from being operated from the outside, whilst you can still secure your property from the inside.  The central core of the euro cylinder is made from hardened steel and additional resistance is provided by the Yale protective pips to stop the lock from being breached with extreme force.

The Yale 3 star cylinder also combats other attack methods with unique Anti-pick, Anti-Screw, Anti-Pull, Anti-Bump and Anti-Drill components, common techniques used to defeat similar Euro cylinder locks that do not carry this level of quality rating.  Burglars will recognise the Maximum 3 star rating and often target properties with less robust fittings which can often be defeated in only a few seconds. 

Premium Keys with Identification Card

Includes a set of 3 Premium dimple style keys that helps to prevent anyone with unauthorised access to your keys from being able to create a copy.  The keys can be used in any orientation and will save you time having to get the key the right way round before you attempt to open the door. 

If you need to have extra keys cut or lose your keys entirely, the convenient key code identification card will allow you to quickly order more from a locksmith without significant inconvenience or expense.

Installation Guide

The Yale Platinum 3 Star Euro cylinder series are available in a range of sizes and colour finishes.  The cylinders are suitable replacements for any front or back door with a euro profile door lock including wooden, composite, UPVC, aluminium and patio doors.

There is no need to remove the lock from the door to measure what size you need.  Use the guide to check you are ordering the correct item, the internal measurement of the Yale euro lock cylinder is always stated first.
Measure from the centre of the current lock fixing bolt to the edge of the inside handle (Internal (A) = 45mm) and the same to the edge of the outside handle (External (B) = 55mm).  This example is 45/55mm (100mm).  The cylinder should not stick out more than 3-5mm outside the handle as it might be vulnerable to a forced criminal attack from lock snapping.

Euro cylinder locks can also be measured by adding the lengths of the 3 sections; Internal 40mm, central rotating cam 10mm and external 50mm, 40/10/55 (100mm).

First Available: 17 Jan. 2018
Dimensions: 14.4 x 3.8 x 0.6 cm
Model No: YS3-KB-43
Pack Quantity: 1

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