Notebook Security Alarm (Alarm + Cable)

Notebook Security Alarm (Alarm + Cable)

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Product description

The kit includes a cable to steel with electronic alarm. It is an alarm that is installed between the cable and laptop usage. This alarm, when it is turned on, it emits a loud beeper sound when trying to move the laptop, which alerts the owner or personal Laptop next to the same tear. It has a LED indicator to activation. To size 50x30x20 cm alarm that requires 3 x boutonsle batteries. About the security cable is made of an alloy of from high quality and safety. Attaches to mobile phone using the hole is made for them in most laptops. The locking mechanism is based on a combination of 3 digits. The cable connects to the over format using a simple loop. Thickness of cable: 5 mm (including plastic).

SKU: B007KA3604

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