Fired Chicago police chief Eddie Johnson caught kissing member of his security detail on camera


Fired Chicago cop Eddie Johnson was filmed kissing his female security guard in restaurant where they drank for ‘hours’ before he dropped her off at police HQ then fell asleep in his car

  • Eddie Johnson was filmed in Ceres Cafe in Chicago kissing the woman repeatedly on October 16 
  • They spent three hours in the restaurant before he got into his car to drive home
  • He was found at 12.30am, not far from his house, asleep at the wheel 
  • He told investigators he’d had a ‘few drinks’ but that he was not drunk 
  • Johnson, a 31-year veteran, then announced he was going to retire on January 1 
  • The mayor cut short his remaining weeks on Monday and fired him 
  • The woman he kissed is a member of his security detail who he brought on in 2012, when he became the city’s police chief 
  • Johnson is married as is the woman but she told investigators they are just ‘friends’ 
  • She said they confided in each other about their ‘troubled’ marriages 
  • Johnson and his wife Nakia, 43, got married in 2017; she too is a cop  




Eddie Johnson was filmed kissing a female member of his security detail as they sat drinking for three hours in a restaurant on October 17, it has emerged 

Fired Chicago police chief Eddie Johnson was filmed kissing a female member of his security detail as they sat drinking for three hours in a restaurant before he got into his car and eventually fell asleep at the wheel, it has emerged. 

Johnson – who is married and has three children – was fired on Monday by the furious new mayor, Lori Lightfoot, under mysterious circumstances. 

On October 17, he was found asleep at the wheel of his car at 12.30am. He said he’d had a ‘few drinks’ at dinner and pulled over because he was tired. 

Now it has emerged that the married 59-year-old had been at Ceres Cafe, a bar known for its heavy pours in Chicago, with a female member of his security detail. 

According to The Chicago Sun Times[1], they were filmed kissing.

Johnson is said to have promoted the woman to join his team when he became the city’s top cop in 2012. 

They were seen by witnesses sitting in a booth in the restaurant. That night, Johnson had also gone to an Italian restaurant but it is unclear if she was with him. 

After spending ‘hours’ in the restaurant, Johnson and the woman got into his car and he drove her back to police HQ. He then attempted to drive home but stopped before making it the entire way. 

When interviewed by the office of the inspector general as part of an investigation into the incident, the woman said they were ‘friends’ but both had ‘troubled marriages’ and confided in one another about them. 

The woman, who has not been named, filed for divorce from her husband in 2018. 

Ceres Cafe is notorious for its free pours.

When visited on Tuesday evening, one patron drinking a glass of red wine was surprised when a waiter poured another and told him: ‘It’s the end of the bottle, you may as well have this.’

Another person at the bar ordered a sazerak — a strong rye and absinthe concoction — only to be told: ‘I accidentally made a second one.

I’m only going to pour it away if you don’t drink it.’

The bartenders never used measures in the bar which has a reputation for ‘four-finger drinks.’

A waiter, who said he was not on duty on the night that Johnson got himself into trouble said he had seen the police chief there several times.

‘He’s probably here twice a month. If that makes him a regular, then I guess he’s a regular.’

The restaurant closes at 8pm weeknights and doesn’t open at all at weekends. 

Johnson was not found asleep in his car until 12.30am. It is unclear what time he and the woman left the restaurant on October 16. 

The new information emerged on Wednesday, a day after Johnson issued a statement to say he understood the mayor’s decision but that his ‘integrity’ was in tact. 

Johnson and the female security guard, who is yet to be named, spent three hours inside Ceres Cafe (above), which is inside the Chicago Board of Trade Building. The restaurant is notorious for its heavy pours 

Fired Chicago police chief Eddie Johnson caught kissing member of his security detail on camera

Johnson and his wife Nakia Fenner are shown in 2016, before they were married, as he congratulated her at her graduation ceremony 

Johnson and his wife Nakia, who is also a cop, married in 2017.

She has a son, and he has three children from a previous relationship.  

A lawyer for Johnson did not immediately respond to’s inquiries on Wednesday morning.   

He however told The Chicago Sun Times that Johnson had been forthcoming about the fact he was in Ceres on the night in question.

He also denied claims, made in the report, that Johnson tried to avoid being interviewed about it by the inspector general’s office.  

Johnson had planned to retire in January 1.

He announced the decision in November, after the incident of him falling asleep at the wheel had become public but before the mayor had a chance to investigate it thoroughly.

At a press conference to announce the decision, he and Mayor Lightfoot were joined by his family. 

They celebrated his long career and his commitment to the force, and Johnson said he was retiring to spend more time with his family. 

On Monday, however, Mayor Lightfoot said she would never have taken part in the press conference if she had known what she now does about the night in question. 

She said Johnson was guilty of ‘ethical lapses’ and made ‘intolerable’ mistakes. 

He said in his statement on Tuesday that while he acknowledged the night in question was a ‘mistake’, he did not intentionally mislead anyone, as Lightfoot claimed. 

Johnson is best known nationally for his stern handling of the Jussie Smollett case. 

He was the first to publicly accuse Smollett of lying to police by saying he’d been attacked by two ‘light-skinned’ assailants as he walked home in the middle of the night. 

Smollett is now suing the city and Johnson personally for malicious prosecution.

The charges against him were sensationally dropped by State Attorney Kim Foxx’s office in March.  

Fired Chicago police chief Eddie Johnson caught kissing member of his security detail on camera

Johnson is shown with his wife Nikea (right, in police uniform), her 10-year-old son (front), his son Daniel (directly behind him), other family members and Mayor Lightfoot (left) at a press conference on November 7 to announce his retirement 



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