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This smart cam can keep your home safe from intruders. (Photo: Amazon)

Take your neighborhood watch to the next level.

With the advent of smart devices for your home, it’s now easier and easier to control your average household products like lamps and TVs with your smartphone and, in some cases, even your voice.

Amcrest ProHD Smart Cam, telling you exactly who’s that knocking on your door.

smart home security HD camera because of its ease-of-use and ability to keep an eye on your home — even if you’re away at work or at the grocery store running errands. It has a four out of five star review rating with more than 12,000 reviews from happy users.

tech-savvy Amazon reviewer wrote. “I have two of these in my house and love being able to remotely view my house day or night through the easy to use app. The night vision is great. Amcrest seems to update the camera firmware on a regular basis so it seems they really strive for excellence.”

How it works

HD camera in or outside of your home, it connects to your WiFi network and pairs to your smartphone via the QR code on the bottom of the device. It then ready to stream encrypted HD video straight to your smartphone via the Amcrest app. The smart camera can pan, tilt and zoom, while it features a wide 90-degree viewing angle and a built-in motion detector — so you’ll always be alerted when anyone comes to your house.

Amcrest ProHD’s motion detector will trigger and then will send your smartphone a notification. It also features a two-way communication speaker, so you can alert the person on the other side to your presence.

satisfied Amazon reviewer. “It was easy to set up, has tons of apps to tweak settings, and the motion detector is super cool and sends alerts right to your phone/e-mail. Buy with confidence!”

Always keep an eye on your home with this $58-smart cam. (Photo: Amazon)

Shop it: $58,

Amcrest HDPro can be used as a security camera in your home or business, a baby monitor to keep an eye on your child at all times, or camera for home-delivery purposes, so you’ll know when deliveries arrive at your home — even if you’re not there. It even has Nightvision up to 32 feet, so the smart cam will keep working while you’re sleeping in the evening too.

happy Amazon reviewer. “I can read small letters on a box 20 feet away (in pitch black) from the camera without even zooming in. The daytime video is equally good, with great color representation.”

home security camera is also smart, it’s compatible with the Alexa smart assistant with the Amazon app or an Echo device — so you can control it with your voice, set a schedule when you’d like to use the camera, and automatically save footage to the Amcrest Cloud or on the camera itself via microSD card.

Amazon reviewer wrote. “Once I tweaked the settings it’s better than Night vision recording.”

Bottom line

Amcrest ProHD camera is a very good value for the price. In fact, you could buy two of these smart cams than you could for the price of one of the premium home security cameras with just about the same functionality, video and audio quality, and features. If you’re looking to stretch your dollars to go further, then the Amcrest ProHD WiFi smart home security camera is a very good pick for your home and family.

Shop it: Amcrest ProHD (1080p) WiFi Camera, $58,

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