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SpyCameraCCTV 1080p TVI HD Spy Camera Hidden in PIR Sensor

SpyCameraCCTV 1080p TVI HD Spy Camera Hidden in PIR Sensor Covert HD Spy Camera – Inconspicuous burglar alarm PIR sensor casing houses a compact spy camera ideal for covert monitoring in domestic, business or retail security systems1080p HD CCTV – Uses TVI technology to record pin sharp Full HD colour video providing fantastic image quality for a covert cameraLow Lux Recording – Captures video in light levels as low as 0.001 Lux making it suitable for use in dimly lit rooms3.6mm Lens – Captures everything in a wide angle of view in front of the camera so that a whole room can be captured in one shotBNC Output – Easily connect camera to any TVI compatible recorder such as our HD DVRs. Because BNC is a standard connector this means the camera is really easy to integrate into an existing security systemOSD Menu – Includes small controller used to access on-screen display allowing you to control image settings to get the very best out of your camera. Looking for a professional quality security camera for monitoring a office, shop or house? This camera, when attached to the wall, will covertly record video without anyone noticing. Hiding a HD spy camera within a casing of a PIR sensor, the camera captures footage through a tiny pinhole on the front of the casing unbeknown to the unexpecting eye. When installed on the corner of a hallway or stockroom it looks like any other PIR sensor but this one enables you to monitor the room in 1080p HD.This covert camera features TVI HD technology a cutting-edge surveillance video format that was previously only available in large, bulky security cameras. This allows you to capture clear video full of usable detail, whilst still keeping your security system discreet. What’s more, TVI video uses standard BNC connectors so if you have an existing system then you can potentially use the same coaxial cabling.To record footage just hook up the camera, using your coaxial cabling, to your TVI HD DVR recorder and enjoy high quality recorded footage

sk© Security SAVER SALE Kit - SpyCameraCCTV 1080p TVI HD Spy Camera Hidden in PIR Sensor
  • HD Spy camera concealed inside PIR sensor housing
  • Uses TVI technology to record 1080p full HD CCTV footage
  • Lens records through pinhole on the front of the casing
  • Captures video in low light environments
  • Connects to an HD recorder with simple BNC connector

SpyCameraCCTV 1080p TVI HD Spy Camera Hidden in PIR Sensor

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