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Bluetooth Headphones, TaoTronics Magnet Wireless Earphones with bluetooth 4.1 and 9 Hours of Play Time, IPX6 Water & Sweatproof, CNC Machining, Universal Comfortable Fit … – Sale

Bluetooth Headphones, TaoTronics Magnet Wireless Earphones with bluetooth 4.1 and 9 Hours of Play Time, IPX6 Water & Sweatproof, CNC Machining, Universal Comfortable Fit … TaoTronics – Enhance your Life
Move forward, find your possible, enhance your life with TaoTronics. We help people discover products that address life’s needs and inspire you to enhance your life.
From home goods to gym essentials and audio accessories, move life forward with products designed to match your grit and speed.

Weight: 0.55oz/16g
Speaker: Electro-dynamic 10 mm
Frequency Response : 20-20KHZ
Microphone: MicroElecrical-Mechanical System(MEMS)
Play time: 9 hours
Charge time : 1.5 – 2 hours
Support file: Bluetooth 4.1V, A2DP, HSP

What’s In The Box:
1 x TaoTronics Wireless Headphones TT-B027
6 x Ear Buds (two are equipped on the headphones)
1 x Carrying Case
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x OTG Charging Cable
1 x User Guide

sk© Security SAVER SALE Kit - Bluetooth Headphones, TaoTronics Magnet Wireless Earphones with bluetooth 4.1 and 9 Hours of Play Time, IPX6 Water & Sweatproof, CNC Machining, Universal Comfortable Fit …
  • IPX6 Level: Don’t be stopped by bad weather or sweaty sports workouts with the protective inner Nano-coating that makes the wireless headphones outbrave rain and sweat
  • Robust One-Piece Molding: The metal CNC machining provides extra stability for headphones and the soft, airtight rubber inline controls are more durable and comfortable
  • Comfort & Universal Fit: Soft ear buds cater to the comfort of your ears; freely combinable eartips and earhooks suit all situations and you can adjust the length with a simple clip
  • All Day, Every Day: 9 hours of playtime for a whole day of use and an included OTG charging cable refuels the Bluetooth earphones anytime on the go with the battery of your OTG compatible phone
  • Safe, Magnetic Design: Clip the two ear buds easily together and wear them around your neck for extra loss-resistant security

Bluetooth Headphones, TaoTronics Magnet Wireless Earphones with bluetooth 4.1 and 9 Hours of Play Time, IPX6 Water & Sweatproof, CNC Machining, Universal Comfortable Fit …

sk© Security SAVER SALE Kit Bargain Buys

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3 Responses

  1. avatar Wil Longman says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    These are my first set of Bluetooth headphones and I was honestly surprised. The idea was to buy a cheaply set just to find out what Bluetooth was about, didn’t notice the noise cancelling aspect when ordering.
    They arrived quickly, housed in a made for purpose box which piqued my interest as it looked very functional yet simple too. Contained within were the headphones, ear buds with attachments and the short USB-Mini USB charging lead all neatly wrapped. The ear fittings were easily changed and though hesitant with the delicate mini usb hatch, the unit charged in just under two hours.
    I decided to test the performance with my Samsung tablet and was initially frustrated when the signals would not pair. I trawled through a forum until I discovered one sage soul who asked the question, ” Have you put the headset into ‘pairing mode’?” Slightly red faced, I decided to consult the manual which has a welcoming Hello on the cover. Incidentally, the authoritive voice that announced that the unit was on made me jump. After I had discovered how to use them properly the tethering process was easy and exactly as advised with that voice again announcing the process complete, low power, and power off (Oooo that’s cool!).
    I was watching some YouTube vids, enjoying the deep resonant bass and the clear treble relishing the stereo sound when the noise cancelling struck me, I had thought noise isolation but….so I spoke out loud then read the manual again, nope cancelling to be sure. Nice!
    The phone functions work well too, feels like X-man Cyclops shifting his visor but the unit sits firmly and securely in ear. Calling out is excellent the microphone picks up my voice v well, so I’m told, and the callers voice is crystal clear.
    My only niggle is the flashing blue ‘tethered’ light which blurts every seven seconds, I got used to it but others can, and did, find it a distraction. But if the light’s flashin’ then I’m listenin’ I suppose. Battery has lasted between five and six hours, better if they’re not being switched on and off continually perhaps?
    I haven’t used all the functions yet but given the results so far I am confident that I won’t be disappointed and will most likely be impressed.
    To sum up, I thought I was buying a cheap set but instead I received an inexpensive Bluetooth headset with fantastic features and great sound reproduction. For my first set of Bluetooth headphones I am delighted by the Taotronics product, I might not need to purchase a better set after all. Thanks to the peeps at TT.

  2. avatar Mr M.S.C. says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    First of all, let me put this review into some context: I am currently using Grado 80i headphones and Etymotics ER4S in-ear monitors. Previously my headphones were Sennheiser HD 410 and in-ear monitors were Shure E4. People who are familiar with these products will have an idea where I am coming from. I listen mostly to jazz and classical music, typically [email protected] or FLAC format.

    I have ordered TaoTronics Wireless BT Headphones primarily for use on my daily commute to work and I was intrigued by lots of positive reviews on the net. I use them to watch videos on my tablet or phone or to listen to music.

    Headphones arrived in good time, as advertised.

    The build quality seems to be very good and the control buttons seem to be well made and seem that they will last long.

    Next, the comfort: I have had them now for 2 weeks and I am still trying out various ear hooks. One reviewer noted and that’s helpful to repeat here, that ear hooks can be rotated in their grooves and I have found the smallest ear hooks to be the most comfortable for my ears. Anyway, I recommend spending enough time to try out various hooks and various positions to find the most comfortable combination. So far, I have found them really comfortable and yet firmly fitting to the ears.

    Sound isolation is pretty decent and I have been using them on trains and on London Underground and the music or dialogues are quite clear and distinct.

    Regarding the use for telephone conversations, experimentation revealed that I need to speak quite loudly (particularly when in the open space like the street) for the microphone to pick up and transmit my voice clearly to the other party. If I speak loudly enough, the my voice seems to be clear and the sound when other person is speaking is quite clear and loud enough.

    Lastly, the sound quality: these headphones DO NOT sound like Grados or Sennheisers but they are surprisingly musical. The low frequencies are somewhat muddled and there is not much extension into the high frequency range. However, the sound is quite rich, the distortions are relatively small and I am actually impressed by the mids, i.e. the reproduction of the piano or the trumpet on jazz tracks. Another important and really great point is that these headphones do not produce sound fatigue, at least not within an hour which is the typical duration of my commute.

    Battery life is great, I had to charge them so far once a week and I use them 5 times or even more per week, between 1 and 2 hours daily.
    I find it quite helpful to hear the voice announcements when turning the headphones on and off, when headphones connect to the device or when the battery is low.

    All in all, I find these headphones to be very usable piece of equipment and they are extremely good value for money in my view. I am considering buying them as a gift for some friends.

  3. avatar UK Lad says:

    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Bluetooth Headphones, TaoTronics Magnet Wireless Earphones with bluetooth 4.1 and 9 Hours of Play Time, IPX6 Water & Sweatproof, CNC Machining, Universal Comfortable Fit … (Electronics)

    I wanted a pair of wireless earphones for the gym. These are comfy enough for a couple of hours but I’d probably start to get uncomfy after that.

    They connect straight away to my iPhone. Pairing was simple and took seconds. On top of that, each time I power them on the iPhone connects automatically.

    Soundwise these are average. If you’re running or working out these will do nicely. But if you want to relax and listen to music I’d consider others. The reason being is that they hiss when connected via Bluetooth. This means that if you’re relaxing and listening to music you’ll hear a hiss in the background. At the gym you won’t notice but elsewhere you will and it can distract from the music.

    For the price these are good. Not great but good. And I’d say for gym or running use they’re fine.

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