ANNKE 4 Channel HD 1080P SPOE sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera System – 1TB Hard Drive, 4 x 960P Bullet Camera, IP67 Weatherproof, Power over Ethernet, Easy Remote Access – Bargain Discount

ANNKE 4 Channel HD 1080P SPOE sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera System - 1TB Hard Drive, 4 x 960P Bullet Camera, IP67 Weatherproof, Power over Ethernet, Easy Remote Access

New 4 Channel Simplified 960P HD PoE NVR sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera System
* Revolutionary 960P HD POE NVR system on the market, further enhanced by DIY installation & setup almost effortlessly: NVR’s robust yet simple software interface makes this system a paragon of friendly engineering.
* New cornerstone in consumer market for private security technology: POE Technology, multiple recording modes, advanced motion detection, Email alert, weatherproof, night vision, QR-Code scan, remote web browser & smartphone viewing and exceptional long distance transmit range.
* This POE camera uses one network cable to both provide power supply and transmit video signals which literally simplified the installation and reduced costs. Everyone can DIY.
* Save Installation Cost with True Power over Ethernet, simply plug in NVR, connect cameras to NVR with provided cables, your system will automatically begin recording video.

* Video compression: H.264
* Resolution: 4CH 960P, real-time 1280×960P
* Playback: [email protected]
* Backup mode: Network, U-disk, USB burner, SATA burner
* Video input / Video output: 4CH POE-net ports / 1CH VGA, 1CH HDMI
* Network interface: 1CH RJ45, 10M/100M network adaptive
* PTZ control: 1 RS485 port, Support multiple PTZ protocols
* 3* USB 2.0
* HDD: 1*SATA port (Max 4TB)
* Lens: 3.6MM wide angle lens up to 70 degree viewing angle
* Night vision: 36 infrared LEDs up to 100ft/ 30M IR distance
* Weatherproof: Yes, IP66

Our smart kit included:
1 * 4CH 960P NVR, 1TB HDD included
4 * 960P IP Network Cameras with Screws
2 * 25M + 2 * 15M Camera Cables
1 * USB Mouse
1 * Remote Control
1 * CD + User Manual
1 * 12V 5A Power Adapter

sk© Security SAVER SALE Kit - ANNKE 4 Channel HD 1080P SPOE sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera System - 1TB Hard Drive, 4 x 960P Bullet Camera, IP67 Weatherproof, Power over Ethernet, Easy Remote Access
  • * PLUG-AND-PLAY: The NVR adopts simplified Power Over Ethernet to benefit from the technology that lets network cables carry electrical power in addition to data, making surveillance easier and more affordable.
  • * PACKAGE OF ALL-YOU-NEED: This security system includes an 4-channel NVR and 4 strong outdoor cameras that form a robust 24/7 surveillance. And there is a pre-installed 1TB hard drive to the NVR to allow immediate use upon its arrival.
  • * CUSTOMIZE MOTION DETECTION: Mark out the relevant areas for motion detection to minimize false alerts. So that no more spamming to your email inbox nor mobile phone notification, you will notice real threats at once.
  • * ENDURABLE CAMERAS: The cameras have stunning 100ft night vision and are rated IP67 weatherproof that are built to withstand extreme weather conditions of rains, winds and sandstorms.
  • * DEDICATED SURVEILLANCE HDD: Provide with 1TB HDD to keep record data 24/7 from multiple camera streams whilst normal desktop HDD couldn’t withstand always-on operational demands.

ANNKE 4 Channel HD 1080P SPOE sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera System – 1TB Hard Drive, 4 x 960P Bullet Camera, IP67 Weatherproof, Power over Ethernet, Easy Remote Access

sk© Security SAVER SALE Kit Bargain Buys

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3 Responses

  1. avatar Jon R says:

    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    ANNKE 4 Channel HD 1080P SPOE sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera System Kit and (4) 960P Bullet CCTV Camera, IP67 Weatherproof, Email Alert Motion Detect,No HDD (Electronics)

    **** UPDATE August 2016 *** The main NVR unit has died, 5 months after installation. Without the NVR, the cameras are useless as they don’t conform to the PoE spec and hence can’t be powered or connected to a network. Have emailed the seller, let’s see what they say.

    NOTE – the reviews here may not be for this exact product. I bought this a few months ago on a lightning deal, but at that time it was listed as an “ANNKE® 4CH 720P HD PoE NVR sk© Security SAVER SALE Systems QR Code Scan Easy Setup 4 Indoor/Outdoor PoE Weatherproof 720P HD IP sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera Quick Remote Access”. It appears that the seller has changed the item details since then with a slightly different alternative.

    However, I think that SANNCE and ANNKE are the same company (the ANNKE website even sells this SANNCE NVR), and both seem to be rebadged OEM products, so this is probably still relevant.

    Overall, this is a decent enough system. I’m giving it four stars, partly because it’s very good value (especially on a lightning deal). I’ll start with the negatives:

    Bad points
    – Very slim instructions, badly translated from Chinese and not bearing that much relation to the actual product. This means that you’ll have to spend quite some time playing around with the interface in order to work out what everything does.
    – The remote access software (CMS) only works on Windows, there’s nothing for OS X.
    – There is a web-based interface (for the main unit, but also for each camera), but it requires ActiveX and therefore only works in Internet Explorer under Windows. Again, if you use a Mac you’re out of luck – at least you can use the main unit with the supplied mouse or remote control.
    – Motion-detect recording works, but the recording is delayed until *after* the motion event is detected (ie there is no pre-record). This means you miss the event itself, so I recommend continuous recording at all times.
    – Switching from day to night (infra-red) mode triggers motion detection alarms
    – Image quality at night could be better, but it’s usable. Daylight images are pretty decent.
    – The lens isn’t particularly wide-angle, so coverage is a little limited. Not a massive problem if you can position them conveniently.
    – The cables are pretty cheap and kink very easily, so be careful.
    – Remote playback via the Android app (XMEye) is a bit flaky – but live view is good.
    – Things like email alerts are a bit useless, you just get a message saying “motion detected”.
    – I’m a bit suspicious of the earthing on the cameras – up a ladder and touching the casing, it… tingles.

    Good points
    – The cameras seem well-built and are heavier and more solid than I expected. They’ve been outside for a few months now and still happily recording.
    – I ran one camera with a third-party 100m outdoor ethernet cable, and it works just fine (the supplied ones aren’t quite that long, and of much lower quality)
    – Once you have the interface figured out, it’s easy enough to use. I have the main unit hidden away and only access it remotely, which works OK if you just use Windows. Think twice if you’re a Mac user.
    – Remote access is easy to set up if you’re happy with creating an account with an unknown provider in China, alternatively you can access it directly via IP address or domain name if you know how to configure your router etc.
    – The unit seems reliable enough. I have it set to automatically reboot once a week anyway.
    – The IP cameras DO support streaming via RTSP, but compatibility isn’t great. I did manage to get them working with ZoneMinder, but it’s not easy. (FWIW, the RTSP source is rtsp://<camera_ip_addr&gt;:554/user=admin_password=tlJwpbo6_channel=1_stream=0.sdp). Note that the cameras DO appear on your home network and are simply routed through the main unit. I’ve not tried it, but I assume you could use them independently if you have a PoE switch.
    – The wife likes it.
    – The cameras are actually quite subtle – they don’t stick out too much mounted on the side of the house. I think that’s a good thing, you might prefer them to be more of a deterrent.
    – Image quality is very good for the price.

    I’ll update this review with more details as and when I think of them – feel free to ask questions!

    Overall, this is a decent bit of kit for the price and gives you peace of mind when you’re away from home, if you can spend time getting to understand it.

  2. avatar Mark Deeley says:

    1 Out of 5 Star Rating

    ANNKE 8CH 1080P HD Simplified PoE NVR Kit and (8) 1.3MP Outdoor IP Bullet Camera System, IP67 Weatherproof, 100ft Night Vision, Power over Ethernet, Customize Motion Detection, NOT Hard Drive Include

    Poor product, Poor Features, Poor Support.. Where to start? Ok, so far this base has failed two brand new seagate hard drives, i’m on my third in as little as 3 weeks use. Next up.. The system kicked the admin password and there is NO simple reset, you have to rely on contacting Annke via their forum to get master unlock codes for certain days, whats more, getting into the menu to enter that password isn’t always easy, for me, we had to disconnect all the cameras before it would let us do that, and no one tells you this. Next.. Motion detection.. useless, doesn’t work, won’t enable in the App either. After speaking to support, at the least, they do reply, but seems they have next to no knowledge of their own product and gave advice that was different to that of what actually worked in the system. In short, i have no faith in the Annke system and will be returning it to be replaced with a better brand. I also felt a little cheated by the fact the headline says 1080p but better read more carefully, its supports 1080p.. it doesn’t come with 1080p cameras.

  3. avatar Ben Large says:

    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    ANNKE 4 Channel HD 1080P SPOE sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera System Kit and (4) 960P Bullet CCTV Camera, IP67 Weatherproof, Email Alert Motion Detect,No HDD (Electronics)

    Great piece of kit for the price, I installed WD 3 TB 3.5-inch Internal SATA Surveillance Storage Hard Drive – Purple into my device and other than needing to secure the drive down inside the box because there were no mounts inside I would say its perfect for the home use. I would have given 5 stars if it wasn’t for the mounts and cable.

    The camera’s being POE avoid having to run a power cable to the cameras. Personally I would suggest you run new cable instead of using the cables supplied as they were ok quality but not sure how long they will last being outside and might be better to use some new outdoor cable. If doing this you will need a roll of cat 5e/6 cable and plugs and a crimp tool if you don’t have one already.

    To be helpful I have listed the items from amazon below:

    RJ45 crimp tool
    RJ45 & RJ11 Crimping Tool, Crimps 8P8C, 6P6C & 4P4C Plugs inc Insertion Tool
    RJ45 plugs
    Belkin RJ45 Modular Connector 25 Pack
    Cat5e outdoor cable
    kenable External CAT5e Outdoor Use COPPER Ethernet Network Cable Reel UTP 100m

    If your not sure how to terminate the cables after checking the internet ask your friendly IT team at work and they might be able to help you crimp and test the cables. Might cost you some biscuits though 🙂

    I read some of the reviews where people have complained about email alerts not working. This will be because your ISP will be blocking email from the device, I got it email working locally. I have isolated the system on my network to its own zone behind a firewall and VPN to access the web interface as its only http.

    The camera’s create a lot of traffic and filled the 3tb drive in about a month and a half with all 4 cameras live streaming. Night vision on them is good but for added security I have just added a flood light next to them.

    They have proved their worth already in the 2 months, as we have had a few people attempting to steal items in the garden but once they see the camera led’s at night they walk away. Its money well spent in my eyes.

    My neighbour will be buying this setup as he has seen how effective it has been for me.

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