This Arlo Pro 2 wireless security camera deal is huge [Update]

Wireless security cameras are one of the most popular entry points into the connected home, and a new deal today makes going completely cable-free even easier. Netgear spin-off Arlo’s Pro 2 Home sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera System not only relies on a wireless connection to link each of the weatherproof cameras, but they’re battery-powered, too. That makes placement even more straightforward.

Thanks to the rechargeable battery, Arlo says each camera can last up to three months between charges. They only turn on when motion is detected, recording 1080p Full HD video. Usually, an Arlo Pro 2 three camera system – which includes three cameras and the base station they connect to – would be £679.99.

However, thanks to a limited-time deal and a handy discount code – SMARTHOME20 – you can get it for close to half price. In fact, you’re looking at £359.99[1] for the system. To take advantage, head on over to the link above and add the three camera Arlo Pro 2 system to your cart.

When you get to the checkout stage, you’ll need to add the above promo code, too. That will reduce the price to the deal amount. Update 8/7: Looks like Amazon’s limited-time deal has expired, though the SMARTHOME20 promo code has not. That is currently bringing the Arlo Pro 2 three camera system down to £495.83 if you enter it during the checkout process.

It’s one of the lowest prices for the security system that we’ve seen, and you’re getting the latest-generation cameras, too.

If you can stomach some wires, each of the cameras can also support 24/7 streaming as well as defined motion zones. That means you can keep track of who’s coming in a doorway, but not get false alarms when a car drives past a window. The base station itself has a 100 decibel siren, which can be triggered automatically when motion or sound is detected.

You can also fire it up remotely, from the Arlo app. Through that app, there’s support for two-way audio, so that you can communicate with whoever is near the camera. Arlo includes seven days of motion-triggered video and audio recording storage in the cloud for free, but you can also upgrade to a paid plan that includes 24/7 recording.

If you just want a backup, meanwhile, there’s a USB port on the base station.

Hook up an external drive and you can keep your own copies.

As ever, it’s unclear just how long the promotion will last on this, so if you’re interested you should probably jump on the deal sooner rather than later.

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