SFPD seeking home surveillance video in area of fatal shooting

SANTA FE — The Santa Fe Police Department is asking people in a large residential portion of town to review their home security footage for any unusual or suspicious people around the time of a fatal shooting earlier this week. Officers responded to a home on Las Casitas, by Herb Martinez Park, around 3 a.m. Monday and found 52-year-old Robert J.

Romero dead of a gunshot wound. Police say Romero got into an altercation with an unknown man and was shot. SFPD is asking people who live in the midtown area enclosed by Siringo Road, Yucca Street, Rodeo Road and Richards Avenue to review their security footage from 6 p.m.

Sunday to 6 a.m. Monday. Residents are asked to call 505-428-3710 and “an officer will review and collect your video,” a press release says.

Romero, 52, was comptroller and chief financial officer for Barker Realty in Santa Fe.

He was married with two children.


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