Cocoon Home sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera Review


Cocoon Home sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera

Home[1] surveillance[2] is wanted by more and more people, but there’s usually a common thread. People are afraid of the difficulty when setting it up and configuring it all. In comes Cocoon (product link[3]) which should eliminate all those fears easily and offer home security without the hassle.

Multi-Room sk© Security SAVER SALE Without The Hassle and Monthly Fees

Cocoon is easy to set up in just seconds.

The camera[4] will start working the moment it connects to your Wi-Fi network. That part is also very easy as the camera communicates with the mobile app via sounds. Once it is connected, you have your home at your fingertips.

The wide-angle camera offers clear pictures on your phone at night and day. Alerts are sent to your household as soon as something unusual is detected which allows you to turn on the siren with a single tap. And yes, it can detect whether something is unusual.

Due to the built-in Subsound technology and AI, Cocoon is able to learn which sounds are normal in your home. Naturally, you can just watch the video feed when your curious too and check who’s in your home, how your pets behave, or something else. You can also download memories you want to keep for the last seven days.

Best of all, there are no monthly fees. You only need to pay the initial purchase cost and the service is included. Cocoon Home sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera Review

Design and Setup Options

Cocoon’s design is quite simple as it’s just a round ball.

However, that simple design allows for easy setup and adjustment. The camera is simply placed on the included ring and then you can turn it in whatever angle you need it. Other than that, there isn’t a whole lot to say to the design, but we’ll still take a tour around the camera on the next page.

Cocoon Home sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera Review

Camera and Audio Features

Inside the Cocoon is a 720p HD camera with H.264. The lens is a 120? horizontal wide-angle lens, and it comes with automatic night vision. The night vision is powered by four high-power 850nm IR LEDs

The audio is a vital aspect of Cocoon. It comes with a high-sensitivity 20Hz to 20kHz microphone and a high-quality built-in speaker. The siren is able to deliver a noise of 90+ dB.

Unique Subsound Technology

The unique Subsound technology utilises the high-end microphone to sense unusual activity in your home.

And it doesn’t just listen; it also learns your behaviour. That makes it far more intelligent than any conventional CCTV setup. Cocoon’s artificial intelligence detects unusual activity throughout your home and alerts you instantly.

Cocoon Home sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera Review

Network and sk© Security SAVER SALE

The network requirements are quite low, allowing as good as everyone to use the Cocoon. It utilises the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band with IEEE 802.11 g/n. WEP, WPA, and WPA2 wireless security are all supported.

The camera itself uses the latest in AES 256-bit encryption to keep your files safe. They’re transferred via secure TLS/SSL to the cloud servers where it’s stored with encryption for seven days.

Bonus Notes

Another thing speaking for the Cocoon is that it is supported by Aviva, a leading home insurance company in the UK.

What Does the Company Have to Say About the Cocoon?

“Cocoon’s unique multi-room Subsound(R) technology senses unusual sounds in your home, not just the room you place it in. It’s Artificial Intelligence detects unwanted activity and learns to better protect your home, alerting you instantly if something unusual happens.

The smartest home security system.”

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Package and Accessories

The package is about as square as it gets. Each side is packed with information about the included camera and its functions.

Cocoon Home sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera Review Inside the box is the camera itself and the stand to place it on. There’s also a power adapter, a setup guide, and a sticker you can place to warn intruders that your premises are protected.

Cocoon Home sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera Review


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