6 security cameras Amazon shoppers trust most to keep their home safe

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Setting up a home security system used to be a multi-day project that included routing lots of cables, setting up a server to view a live feed from the cameras remotely, and using huge hard drives to store the video. Oh, and it used to cost thousands of dollars, whether you set it up yourself or called a professional. Today, you can get a couple of smart security cameras for under £100, view the video from your phone, computer, or tablet at any time, and get alerts each time a camera detects motion.

I’ve used several[2] smart[3] cameras[4] for myself, and none of them took more than 10 minutes to set up. The best part about using smart cameras is that you can create a home security system with one, then add more over time to cover more rooms of your home, or the outside. Some cameras can even integrate with comprehensive home security systems[5], which include motion sensors and door or window sensors to protect every point of entry.

Our comprehensive buying guides have list of the best security cameras[6] and best home security systems,[7] which include picks that have been well researched and cover a wide range of needs and budgets.

But to figure out the security cameras most people actually use, we’ve turned to Amazon’s best-sellers list, which is updated hourly to reflect the most popular items in a variety of categories.

You’ll find the six best-selling security cameras on Amazon[8] below, and whether you’re looking for a small, cheap camera you can keep out of sight, or one that can survive the elements outside, you’ll find it here.

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