Xena – XX6J 052291 – Anti-Theft Disc Lock Alarm – Yellow – Reduced

Xena – XX6J 052291 – Anti-Theft Disc Lock Alarm – Yellow

Xena - XX6J 052291 - Anti-Theft Disc Lock Alarm - YellowThe high-performance XX6 straps to your brake-disc like a well-fitted glove. High-grade mono-block alloy construction and piercing alarm make the XX6 a remarkably effective way to protect your motorbike or scooter. Fits virtually any scooter or motorbike, with a 6mm steel pushdown locking pin. Shock & motion sensors linked to a sophisticated microprocessor trigger a 120dB alarm powered by a single CR2 long-life Lithium battery, with all electronic components housed in a replaceable alarm module — no tools required.. Self-arming, with no on-off switch, re-sets automatically to armed mode within 15 seconds.

  • Disc lock alarm.
  • Disc lock with 120 dB alarm.
  • 6 x 16mm locking pin.
  • Shock and movement detector.
  • Carbide reinforced lock.
  • Automatic self-arming and disarming.
  • CR2 replaceable batteries.

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2 Responses

  1. avatar Nikita Voropaev says:

    2 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Xena – XX6J 052291 – Anti-Theft Disc Lock Alarm – Yellow (Automotive)

    I have bought it for my motorcycle as a security measure which is small and reliable based on the feedback from the reviews. Couple of weeks later my motorcycle got stolen and the lock easily broken from the inside. Defiantly won’t buy again or recommend to anyone.

  2. avatar S. Whittard says:

    1 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Xena – XX6J 052291 – Anti-Theft Disc Lock Alarm – Yellow (Automotive)

    Don’t be fooled by the expensive cost of this item, which inspires confidence, and one would be forgiven for thinking, that this must be one of the best alarmed disc locks on the market, BUT IT IS USELESS, AND VERY EASILY REMOVED BY A CROOK!
    The base of the XENA disc brake alarm, is hollow, where there is a black plastic infill to allow the alarm sound out, and is therefore a very weak point in the structure of what otherwise looks like a chunky lock.
    As I found to my peril yesterday evening, when I returned, after an hours shopping, outside a very busy shopping mall near Bristol, to find my beautiful bike missing, and The XENA XX6 lock lying on the ground, having been bent open, just enough to get it past the disc, with a large screwdriver or chisel. I’m gutted. Don’t buy one of these, crooks know this weak link apparently. You may be better advised, buying a cheap alarm, and a big fat padlock, and using them both together.
    Once a crook has removed one of these from YOUR bike (In seconds), the alarm automatically disarms itself, and remains silent.

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