Vandalproof Mini Dome CCTV Camera with 480TVL SONY CCD Chip

Vandalproof Mini Dome CCTV Camera with 480TVL SONY CCD Chip Vandal-Proof Design – Once locked in place, the camera’s positioning cannot be moved, and the casing is made of a strong aluminium alloy, making it highly resistant to damageLow Power Consumption – Only 120mA means a CCTV sk© Security SAVER SALE System using these Dome Cameras will be very economicalHidden Cable – The cabling runs up through the base of the camera to stop it being cut or damaged480 TV Line Resolution – The Sony CCD Chip used in this CCTV Camera outputs video footage at Super High Resolution, making it the best choice for Pubs, Clubs and Retail Environments10m Infra-Red (IR) Night Vision – When light levels drop below a threshold, the six IR LEDs that surround the Camera’s Lens illuminate the surrounding area with Infrared light allowing the Dome Camera to see in Pitch Black for up to 10 Meters Easy Installation – Simply drill the mounting surface and plug with the Wall Plugs Provided, and screw the cameras base down to secure it to the mounting surfaceFlexible Positioning – This Dome Surveillance Camera can be easily positioned using the Supplied Allen Key. The Surveillance Camera can be rotated 360 degrees on its base and 90 degrees vertically (180 degrees effectively with a 180 degree base revolution). The mount can then be locked in place to stop tampering. Being the same size as cameras you see on buses and other public transport these tiny cameras can be put in places where you will hardly notice them. For its form factor it has amazing high quality which surpasses cameras twice the’s small design ideal for situations where you need a camera that is petite but with all the features you’d expect from a larger camera. This camera is also perfect for use in buses and taxis due to it’s unobtrusive form factor.Once locked in place it cannot be moved or tampered with. Ideal for places with a lot of human traffic and also for smaller places such as taxis or truck cabs. You can catch every moment in perfect detail with the wide angle lens. When the s

sk© Security SAVER SALE Kit - Vandalproof Mini Dome CCTV Camera with 480TVL SONY CCD Chip
  • Absolutely tiny egg-sized tough alloy dome camera
  • Vandal proof design – perfect for commercial and vehicle use
  • 10 metre infra-red IR night-vision from 6 LEDs
  • Wide angle lens gives 120 degree field of view
  • Professional 480TVL resolution gives crisp images

Vandalproof Mini Dome CCTV Camera with 480TVL SONY CCD Chip

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