JOOAN 703HRB-T-P HD 960P POE sk© Security SAVER SALE CCTV Camera 1.3MP Video Surveillance Outdoor Camera Support Smartphone Remote Viewing

JOOAN 703HRB-T-P HD 960P POE sk© Security SAVER SALE CCTV Camera 1.3MP Video Surveillance Outdoor Camera Support Smartphone Remote Viewing

JOOAN 703HRB-T-P HD 960P POE sk© Security SAVER SALE CCTV Camera 1.3MP Video Surveillance Outdoor Camera Support Smartphone Remote ViewingStyle
IP Camera with POE Function, Supports Onvif Profile allowing for the highest level of compatibility and integration with currently available security network technology.
HD video quality
1.3 megapixel image quality, produce fluent playing video and maximum clarity of surveillance.
Stunning night vision video monitoring
Built in 36 units LEDs, it allows monitoring in complete darkness.3.6mm lens for wide viewing.
To get the camera running successfully, pls make sure the IP of camera is same as the IP of your router; Pls download and install XMeye for smartphone client remote viewing, or download and install CMS for PC client viewing; Please make sure the network video recorder conforms to ONVIF.

Sensor: CMOS sensor
Exposure mode: Auto
Weatherproof: Yes
Conform to ONVIF: Yes
IR LED: 36pcs
IR Distance: Up to 50ft (15m)
Compression: H.264
Material: Aluminium alloy case

Packing List:
1 * Bullet ip camera
1 * User manual
1 * Mounting screw bag
1 * Software CD

  • Power Over Ethernet, one network cable can carries both power and video at the same time, low power consumption, low bit rate.
  • HD image: 1280x960P bullet IP Camera. With Cmos sensor and IR-CUT filter, giving you the clear live view and recording.
  • Built-in 36 infrared light, night vision is up to 15m.
  • Weatherproof housing let you can install it indoor/outdoor.
  • ONVIF compatible, can work with most of POE Switch, POE NVR. Support iPhones, iPad, Android devices,tablets and PC view in LAN or WAN.

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3 Responses

  1. avatar Mr G S says:

    2 Out of 5 Star Rating

    JOOAN 705NRB-Z-P 1.3MP 960P POE Network IP Camera with 2.8-12mm Varifocal Zoom Len for Outdoor/Indoor Home sk© Security SAVER SALE Surveillance

    JOOAN 705NRB-Z-P 1.3MP 960P

    Warning: Do not install the plugin for Internet Explorer as it contains a virus – Win32/PUApp – as of 2 Aug 2017.

    The camera comes pre-configured with the IP address, which may not be in the range of addresses your home network is set up for. For the novice this is going to be an issue – to be able to change the appropriate settings in the PC and/or router, to gain access to the camera AND have everything else on the network still working the same, without problems, afterwards.

    I suspect most people opting for a PoE IP camera have the higher degree of technical knowledge to be able connect to the camera. That being said, the warning at the top of this review should give you pause for concern. Firstly, without Internet Explorer installed you are unlikely to see the pages in English (they are in Chinese on my other web browsers). Secondly, there are no useful settings without the plugin installed – essentially just a control to be able to operate the motorised zoom in and out – DHCP is not enabled by default and is not available as an option without the plugin, neither is the option to change IP address, subnet, etc. This is where I changed to a different PC to test the plugin and was immediately notified by various anti-malware software about the virus.

    I did another couple of checks to give the camera a chance. The picture quality is as expected for a 960p camera – similar to my other cameras that are 960p – giving you more height in the vertical dimension than 720p and even 1080p cameras (because the sensor is the squarer 4:3 ratio than the 16:9 of the ‘widescreen’ ones). The zoom is nice, if a bit slow (although this probably for most people a set-it-and-forget-it feature, whereby you frame what you want and only change it if you move the camera) – the idea being, I could decide where I wanted to mount the camera to be located and what viewing angle I wanted the image.

    The camera is rather large, most likely due to to the motorised zoom. It is also a fair weight, not too heavy, but this could impact what you mount it on to and how. I was surprised that the camera has a power socket, considering that it is a PoE (Power over Ethernet) model and thus does not require a separate power source – in some situations this could be useful but I suspect anyone buying a PoE camera doesn’t want to deal with having to protect an additional open connector from the elements or people – that being said, the Ethernet connector (I found when I was about to switch it off and pack it back up) has a bright green LED next to it flashing away. To me, I would worry about it’s longevity with the LED being exposed to the elements, even if the rest of the waterproofing for the Ethernet connector itself it well secured. As is the case with these waterproof connectors it will probably entail you needing the tools and knowledge to be able to wire up your own Ethernet cable as you can’t just push one through the waterproofing, as the hole is smaller than the connector to make a water-tight seal around the wire part of the cable.

    I managed a quick test with tinyCam Pro (an Android app), which found the camera (after changing router settings) almost straight away and it worked (this is how I tested the image quality) – I did not test the camera’s app as I did not wish to risk another potential virus, malware or spyware on my machines. The camera only supports rtsp (over http, tcp and udp) with h264 compression – stills and mjpeg were not an option. I was unwilling to risk my Network Video Recorder so cannot confirm further compatibility, however the camera was picked up as NVT with ONVIF through tinyCam.

    It is a shame the camera is let down by dodgy software which is REQUIRED to configure the camera. I would not recommend anyone use the camera under those circumstances as you do not know if it is secure – obviously the ‘external’ software isn’t but what about the hardware and software inside the camera?! It could be hacking the rest of your network, your ID etc. However, if you are technically savvy and can overlook the security concerns, it makes for a good picture – if you can set it up on a separate network that is not connected to the internet or your other devices.

    The picture quality and ease of access to the video stream gets knocked down to 2 stars overall because of the virus/software and security concerns.

  2. avatar Colin jones says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    JOOAN 703HRB-T-P HD 960P POE sk© Security SAVER SALE CCTV Camera 1.3MP Video Surveillance Outdoor Camera Support Smartphone Remote Viewing (Electronics)

    Purchased this camera to replace an older camera. It was easy to replace. All I had todo is alter the IP address, using the software provided and it worked first time on my nvr.

    Compatibility was always going to be a problem as the camera and the nvr are from different companies. The only problem I had was setting and the alarm and masking, this will prevent any log from being entered. The main thing is that the nvr creates a recording which looks good.

    I was so impressed with the camera I have ordered another one.

  3. avatar Gadgetforme says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    JOOAN 705NRB HD 960P Outdoor sk© Security SAVER SALE IP Camera with 2.8-12mm Variforal Zoom Lens Waterproof Network Camera with Good Night Vision

    Excellent camera and the image quality is top notch even the night vision is excellent

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