JOOAN 703ERA IP Camera 1080P HD POE Outdoor Camera Weatherproof CCTV Camera with 36 IR LEDs Night Vision Surveillance – Special

JOOAN 703ERA IP Camera 1080P HD POE Outdoor Camera Weatherproof CCTV Camera with 36 IR LEDs Night Vision Surveillance

JOOAN 703ERA IP Camera 1080P HD POE Outdoor Camera Weatherproof CCTV Camera with 36 IR LEDs Night Vision SurveillanceJOOAN 1080P POE IP Camera
The camera combines a high-quality HD security video camera with built-in web server to provide live video anywhere.
3.6mm lens with 42 units LEDs, you can get a clear night vision up to 65ft.
HD 1080P 2.0 megapixel videos providing a perfect visual presentation.
Stream live and playback recorded video of your home, your pets, or your business on the go with the Danale app.
Record to any JOOAN (or ONVIF compliant) Network Video Recorder (NVR).

Standard POE Camera: IEEE802.3af Compatible. Pins 1236 supply power.Optionally connect to a standard 12V 2A DC Power Supply.
Tips: Please check the IP address of the camera and router firstly, make sure the camera’s is different from your router’s, and let them in the same network segment.

Sensor: 1/3 CMOS
Infrared lamp: 42PCS LEDs
Infrared distance: 15-20M
Video: H.264 main profile, Support Dual Stream, AVI Format
Resolution: Main Stream: 1920 * 1080;
Stream: 25FPS
Audio: N/A
Network: 1 * RJ45 
Photoresistor: 1 * Photoresistor Port, Support Photoresistor Input Signal Activated with Picture, IR-CUT and IR light
Basic Function: Support WEB remote config, motion detection and recording(connect to NVR), mobile remote viewing
Mobile: Support for iPhone, Android Mobile
Waterproof: Yes 
Material: Aluminium alloy case 

  • 2 Megapixel 1920x 1080. HD 3.6mm lens, 70 Degree viewing angle for wide areas.
  • Built in 42 units LEDs, it allows monitoring in complete darkness; Night vision up to 25 meters (50 ft).
  • Program motion detection recording when it is connected to your cctv recorder. Remote Viewing on iOS and Android (Please use new application — Danale). Software download URL:
  • Waterproof & dust-proof casing withstands harsh outdoor climates, waterproof lid protect your cable safety. Power Over Ethernet (POE), conform to IEEE802.3af standard.
  • One year quality warranty,Lifetime Tech Support. Any problem or suggestion pls do not hesitate to contact us firstly. Thanks a lot ! !(Customer service email: [email protected]; Skype: [email protected]).

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3 Responses

  1. avatar Stuart says:

    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    JOOAN 703ERA IP Camera 1080P HD POE Outdoor Camera Weatherproof CCTV Camera with 36 IR LEDs Night Vision Surveillance

    This review for the Jooan Full HD 1080P bullet model 703CRB-T-P

    I bought this primarily as a POE IP web cam that I could connect to an existing Zoneminder setup.

    In-box Software: I can’t really comment on the supplied software as it’s Windows only and I don’t use Windows. Neither did I setup or use the (non app store) mobile software “Danale” as it wanted me to register before I could connect to my camera and I just didn’t trust what/who I could possibly be giving my camera’s details to! Why you can’t use the software to control the camera without needing to register is just beyond me. It is my camera when I buy it, not the company’s any longer and I should be able to use it without registration!

    Hardware: Seems mostly good. Solid metal case which I’ll only be able to vouch for it’s weather proofness once it’s been installed a while. The UTP connection is weather sealed, but the power connection isn’t, so if you’re using that you’ll have to seal it or it will just rust and possibly fail when water gets in (and it will get in). Additionally if you’re using just a POE connection there is nothing (nothing I could see) to weather seal the redundant power socket, which I assume would just rust if left dangling so I had to weather seal that. The mounting bracket is sufficient, but fiddly to position with a small Allen key and three bolts to adjust. I’m not completely confident that in the position I had to install the camera that water won’t ingress through the mounting arm as it’s very exposed to the elements. The PoE worked fine from a standard off the shelf PoE switch, so no need to use the power connector if you have PoE available.

    Picture quality: At the 1080p setting the resolution is good and the picture quality also good for the price. Also at 906p and 720p the image is clear and very usable. The night vision works well with quality sufficient for an NVR and motion detection.

    Setup: a bit of a pain. There is nothing indicating what IP address the device is hard coded with (mine came setup as for reference which I had to scan my network for). Once I’d configured the IP to my network and connected to the camera web console it became clear that some of the configuration and viewing options would only work using a Windows OCX extension – so be warned you can’t fully configure this camera from a non Windows PC from it’s own web interface – this really should be made clearer, not everyone uses Windows nowadays! Anything that needs you to see the camera feed can’t be configured e.g. camera settings, stream settings, privacy settings etc. Once I’d fired up a Windows VM I could then configure everything OK, but this is painful. There’s no reason why this interface needs a Windows OCX extension and couldn’t be handled with non proprietary methods…. but then what I do I expect for £49!

    In use: finding out the URL for this camera’s RTSP stream was what took the longest. There’s quite a lot of info on the internet, but it’s not useful for this specific camera. Also nothing is provided with the camera documentation. However, it does stream 2 x standard TCP RTSP streams!! Woohoo! One each for the high and low res feeds (which are configured as main and secondary in the camera’s web console). I had to sniff out the URL that the camera web interface was using. Once you have it, it’s very easy to connect to this camera to work over RTSP. You need to supply the camera’s username/password in the URL. The <admin_user> and <password> following are whatever you decide to configure, I used the default ‘admin’ user with a changed password obviously, the <camera-ip> is whatever your camera’s IP address is, without the quotes “rtsp://<admin_user>:<password>@<camera-ip>:554/stream1” for the high res stream and replace ‘stream1’ with ‘stream2’ for the low res stream. Easy… once you know it. And it’s because it took me so long to find this out that I am writing this review. Not everyone wants to install Windows software and wants to be hand held. Some people just want the raw information and to use a device at it’s most basic level and it’s a shame that these cameras aren’t supplied with that technical information that would save more technical users a lot of time and hassle.

    Additionally during my setup and testing I can confirm that standard ONVIF software does find and setup this camera fine.

    In summary: For the price, reasonably good hardware and good quality image. Setup can be difficult without a Windows PC. Mobile software is poor.

  2. avatar Nick H. says:

    2 Out of 5 Star Rating

    JOOAN 703ERA IP Camera 1080P HD POE Outdoor Camera Weatherproof CCTV Camera with 36 IR LEDs Night Vision Surveillance

    I bought these because, quite simply, they were so cheap. I was intending to use them with a third party NVR software product so as long as I could get them connected, I imagined the quality of the vendor-available software wouldn’t matter. I was wrong. The picture is actually very good, as is the night vision, but the software is woeful. Windows only, incredibly complicated and inscrutable, flaky and buggy. They supply a mini-CD only (which very few computers can actually read these days, particularly Macs with vertical CD slots). I had to email the support people who (rather than directing me to a download link on their site), emailed me a copy of the application via “” or similar. Once connected I discovered that they are not in any way ONVIF compliant (despite being advertised as such) and would only work satisfactorily with the abysmal software supplied. For the money I suppose you could argue there are people who will be pleased with them, but I’m not one of them. All three went back to Amazon. The Hikvision products are incomparably better – yes, twice the price, but I’m afraid that for technology like this, there’s a bare minimum and these fall below it.

  3. avatar Mr. Paul J. Scott says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    JOOAN 703ERA IP Camera 1080P HD POE Outdoor Camera Weatherproof CCTV Camera with 36 IR LEDs Night Vision Surveillance

    After looking through the reviews I thought that I would “put the record straight” Firstly if you are going to fit any IP camera you must have some depth of IT skill, secondly whenever installing outside always use a waterproof box to terminate the cables.Build quality and bracket are in line with price, not poor though.Plugged it into the POE switch, no problem. In the leaflet there is an address to get their IP camera finder tool, get it and install, select English language, it finds the camera and lets you change the IP details – 2 minutes max it had the IP address I needed the camera to be at. Use IE and download and run the active X for the camera – 2 minutes again. Initial login is anonymous and then you can set the required parameters for the camera. Total for all 5 minutes, but longer if you are not familiar with IP cameras. All in all this camera is superior to units many times the price and has good features such as VBR compression with definable upper bandwidth allowance for both streams, the images are as good or better than anything even several times the price. Connected the camera to my ONVIF supporting VMS software (which is professional licensed software – so not free) all working with images as good and a couple of £1500 cameras I have. So ONVIF works – but the platform (not camera) support for ONVIF cannot be assumed to work….don’t blame the camera. Whilst on the subject of viewing and recording software this is where to spend the money, get a proper licensed VMS – if you opt for free or bundled software (such as with a NAS) don’t expect that software to work and don’t be surprised if it takes ages to get working or doesn’t work – it’s not normally the camera at fault. I guess that if you are not too experienced and go DIY but their compatible NVR and you should be done.

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