Gadget review: Ring's Spotlight security camera will help you catch crooks

What is it:

Another entrant in the heavily populated app-driven home security system market. Over the past year we’ve had Nest, Swann, Morepork and Blink release cameras that allow users to keep an eye on their house and contents when they’re not at home. Now we have Ring’s Spotlight Cam, a more bulky offering but there’s a good reason for that: it’s wireless.


How does it work: Out of the box you’ll need to fully charge the battery, decide where you want to put the camera, and screw it onto the wall. It’s weather resistant, but I placed mine under an eave, just to be sure. From there, you’ll need to download an app, connect it, and you’re away.

The app lets you tune into the camera feed from wherever you are. It comes with a wide-angle lens, 1080p video feed, a 110-decibel siren, motion detection and two-way audio, in case you want to talk to the courier at your door – or yell at some crooks. You can also subscribe to Ring Video Recording, which will store footage for a longer period of time.

Ring's app in action.Ring’s app in action.

What’s the best bit?


Two things. Firstly, the battery lasts forever. I’m not kidding – I’ve had this installed for more than a month now and the battery still hasn’t run out.

You can add extra battery power in a separate slot if you need it, but judging by my trial, you won’t need to. Secondly, the LED spotlight is fantastic for lighting up outside areas at night. Forget about installing outdoor light systems – this will do the trick nicely.

And the worst? I’ve used an outdoor Nest system before, and that was a little easier to install than this.

But it came with a wire, so I prefer the Ring Spotlight because it doesn’t need plugging in. It’s 2018, and wires are so last year.

Ring's Spotlight Cam comes in black or white and will keep an eye on things when you're not at home.Ring’s Spotlight Cam comes in black or white and will keep an eye on things when you’re not at home.

Okay, so how much are they?

The Ring Spotlight Cam comes in black or white and retails for £379.95, with the Ring Video Recording prices costing £45 a year. There’s also a solar charging panel (£85) sold separately.

I haven’t caught any crooks yet – but Ring’s camera feels like a great deterrent, and it’s certainly given me peace of mind when I’m out and about.

That’s a great thing.

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