FuSon Best Mini Spy hidden camera, Portable Digital Video Recorder,spy video

FuSon Best Mini Spy hidden camera, Portable Digital Video Recorder,spy video

FuSon Best Mini Spy hidden camera, Portable Digital Video Recorder,spy videoSwitch on
Press the operation key for two seconds to turn on the device, the blue light is long, and enter the standby mode.
Press the operation button for four seconds, then turn off the blue light.
Standby mode
The lens is aimed at the target to be photographed.
Press the operation button completely, the blue light flashes once, take a picture.
Standby mode
Long press the operation key for two seconds, the blue light starts flashing, and then release the button, the machine began shooting.
The camera will be saved automatically for about 10 seconds
If the device is detected in a low power state, the device will turn off the current file and turn off the blue light after five flashes.
Turn off the camera.
Connect cameras and PC or other devices via the USB line.
Please charge for 3-4 hours
Connect the camera to the computer in a power off or standby mode.
There is a mobile disk identifier in my computer.
Reset due to an error or other unknown cause that the device does not respond to.
Press the reset hole with a long and delicate tool.
Changing the system time of your computer is the time you need to display on your camera.
Turn off the camera.
Put the random CD into the computer’s CD driver.
The computer and camera connected with the data line of the original camera
Run the time change tool in CD.
The normal can be disconnected.
Install the camera’s own driver.
The camera is under shutdown.
Connect cameras and computers.
In “my computer”, automatically jump out of the network camera logo.

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