SANNCE 8CH 1080P POE NVR sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera Systems with 8pcs 1080P Indoor/Outdoor IP Surveillance Camera,Day/Night Vision, IP66 Weatherproof , Email Alert with Picture,Cloud Storage,Face Detect/Motion Detect(White), NO HDD

SANNCE 8CH 1080P POE NVR sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera Systems with 8pcs 1080P Indoor/Outdoor IP Surveillance Camera,Day/Night Vision, IP66 Weatherproof , Email Alert with Picture,Cloud Storage,Face Detect/Motion Detect(White), NO HDD

SANNCE 8CH 1080P POE NVR sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera Systems with 8pcs 1080P Indoor/Outdoor IP Surveillance Camera,Day/Night Vision, IP66 Weatherproof , Email Alert with Picture,Cloud Storage,Face Detect/Motion Detect(White), NO HDD

Instant Mobile Push Alarm: When motion or face is detected or the boundaries is invaded, an instant push notification will be sent to your mobile devices making sure you’re always aware of all the unexpected movements in your house.
Smart Face Detection and Perimeter Detection: Latest smart technology makes face and perimeter draw line detection possible. In addition to the traditional schedule & motion detect recording, it also support recording when face is detected or the boundary you set is invaded.
Convenient Cloud Storage: Except for HDD storage, this intelligent security kit allows you to record to Dropbox cloud easily, so that you’ll have full control over the recordings and manage them whenever you want.
New cornerstone for private security technology: POE Technology, multiple recording modes, motion detection, email alert, QR-Code scan, remote access via web & smartphone and exceptional long distance transmit range.

* Video Compression: H.264
* Video Input/ Output: 8CH POE/ 1CH HDMI & CVBS & VGA all up to 1080P
* Incoming bandwidth: 96M
* Max Playback Channel: 6CH real time 1080p @ 25fps
* Onvif Version: latest 2.6
* HDD: 1 SATA interface, capacity up to 6TB
* Network interface: RJ45x1(10/100M)
* POE: 8 Ports(IEEE802.3at/af)
* 2x 2.0 USB

* Video Resolution: 2.0 MP(1920×[email protected])
* Image sensor: 1/2.8″ Progressive Scan CMOS
* Lens: 3.6mm for 90 degree Angle of View
* Night vision: 30pcs LEDs up to 30m
* 3D DNR: 3D Digital Noise Reduction for color reproduction images
* Wide Dynamic Range: Digital WDR backlight compensation ensures clear images

* Weatherproof Rating: IP66

Package Included:
1* 1080P POE NVR, NO HDD included
8* 1080P Cameras with mounting screws
4* 18M+4* 30M Cat5e Ethernet Cable
1* USB Mouse
1* 48V Power Adapter
1* User’s Manual & CD

  • ❤❤ Support latest Onvif Version 2.6 conformance. Intelligent email alert and notification push when movement is detected. The latest P2P technology & scanning QR-code makes easier remote access anytime anywhere on smartphone, tablet and PC.
  • ❤❤ Further enhanced by DIY installation & setup almost effortlessly: NVR’s robust yet simple software interface makes this system a paragon of friendly engineering. Advanced H.264 Video Compression to save storage space. Super 1080P HD @ 25fps Real-Time recording & playback.
  • ❤❤ Revolutionary 1080P HD POE NVR system on the market: 2.0 Megapixels video viewing, 1080P Real-time recording & playback at 25fps per channel, cloud storage available. Promotion: this system with WD Purple 2TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive only sale: £528.99, pls kindly search ASIN: B01DEMHZOE on Amazon if needed. Thank you!
  • ❤❤ Adapted Professional True POE Technology: Power over Ethernet (48V power supply) offer more stable power and video signal for your system, realize further transmission distance than sPOE. Save Installation Cost with True Power over Ethernet, simply plug in NVR, connect cameras to NVR with provided cables, your system will automatically begin recording video.
  • ❤❤ IP66 Dust and Waterproof Rating, heavy-duty durable metal housing, 3D Digital Noise Reduction for clear accurate images, up to 100ft night vision with Smart IR-Cut Filter.

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3 Responses

  1. avatar Jon R says:

    4 Out of 5 Star Rating

    SANNCE 4CH 960P HD PoE NVR sk© Security SAVER SALE Systems QR Code Scan Easy Setup 4 Indoor/Outdoor PoE Weatherproof 960P HD IP sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera Quick Remote Access via Smartphone, No HDD (No HDD) (Electronics)

    **** UPDATE August 2016 *** The main NVR unit has died, 5 months after installation. Without the NVR, the cameras are useless as they don’t conform to the PoE spec and hence can’t be powered or connected to a network. Have emailed the seller, let’s see what they say.

    NOTE – the reviews here may not be for this exact product. I bought this a few months ago on a lightning deal, but at that time it was listed as an “ANNKE® 4CH 720P HD PoE NVR sk© Security SAVER SALE Systems QR Code Scan Easy Setup 4 Indoor/Outdoor PoE Weatherproof 720P HD IP sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera Quick Remote Access”. It appears that the seller has changed the item details since then with a slightly different alternative.

    However, I think that SANNCE and ANNKE are the same company (the ANNKE website even sells this SANNCE NVR), and both seem to be rebadged OEM products, so this is probably still relevant.

    Overall, this is a decent enough system. I’m giving it four stars, partly because it’s very good value (especially on a lightning deal). I’ll start with the negatives:

    Bad points
    – Very slim instructions, badly translated from Chinese and not bearing that much relation to the actual product. This means that you’ll have to spend quite some time playing around with the interface in order to work out what everything does.
    – The remote access software (CMS) only works on Windows, there’s nothing for OS X.
    – There is a web-based interface (for the main unit, but also for each camera), but it requires ActiveX and therefore only works in Internet Explorer under Windows. Again, if you use a Mac you’re out of luck – at least you can use the main unit with the supplied mouse or remote control.
    – Motion-detect recording works, but the recording is delayed until *after* the motion event is detected (ie there is no pre-record). This means you miss the event itself, so I recommend continuous recording at all times.
    – Switching from day to night (infra-red) mode triggers motion detection alarms
    – Image quality at night could be better, but it’s usable. Daylight images are pretty decent.
    – The lens isn’t particularly wide-angle, so coverage is a little limited. Not a massive problem if you can position them conveniently.
    – The cables are pretty cheap and kink very easily, so be careful.
    – Remote playback via the Android app (XMEye) is a bit flaky – but live view is good.
    – Things like email alerts are a bit useless, you just get a message saying “motion detected”.
    – I’m a bit suspicious of the earthing on the cameras – up a ladder and touching the casing, it… tingles.

    Good points
    – The cameras seem well-built and are heavier and more solid than I expected. They’ve been outside for a few months now and still happily recording.
    – I ran one camera with a third-party 100m outdoor ethernet cable, and it works just fine (the supplied ones aren’t quite that long, and of much lower quality)
    – Once you have the interface figured out, it’s easy enough to use. I have the main unit hidden away and only access it remotely, which works OK if you just use Windows. Think twice if you’re a Mac user.
    – Remote access is easy to set up if you’re happy with creating an account with an unknown provider in China, alternatively you can access it directly via IP address or domain name if you know how to configure your router etc.
    – The unit seems reliable enough. I have it set to automatically reboot once a week anyway.
    – The IP cameras DO support streaming via RTSP, but compatibility isn’t great. I did manage to get them working with ZoneMinder, but it’s not easy. (FWIW, the RTSP source is rtsp://<camera_ip_addr&gt;:554/user=admin_password=tlJwpbo6_channel=1_stream=0.sdp). Note that the cameras DO appear on your home network and are simply routed through the main unit. I’ve not tried it, but I assume you could use them independently if you have a PoE switch.
    – The wife likes it.
    – The cameras are actually quite subtle – they don’t stick out too much mounted on the side of the house. I think that’s a good thing, you might prefer them to be more of a deterrent.
    – Image quality is very good for the price.

    I’ll update this review with more details as and when I think of them – feel free to ask questions!

    Overall, this is a decent bit of kit for the price and gives you peace of mind when you’re away from home, if you can spend time getting to understand it.

  2. avatar Percy says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Sannce 4CH 960P HD PoE NVR Recorder+ 1TB Hard Drive w/ 4 1280*960P Weatherproof Night Vision sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera System, 1.30 Megapixel Hi-Resolution, Power over Ethernet, Easy DIY Remote Access (Electronics)

    This is very good value for money. And you don’t need to have a power supply to every corner of the house. Easy to setup and pictures straightaway however make sure you upgrade teh firmware on each camera as well as the unit otherwise you may get motion detect dropout or not be able to send email alarms. However i discovered the email alarm is unnecessary as hard drive keeps a copy any way and teh emails get a bit too much from 4 cameras. Picture quality is very good and once you take out your own DNS (about £12/year) you can watch your house from anywhere in the world very reliably. You do need to know a bit about what your doing or it will be a voyage of discovery however the chaps at Annke Support are brilliant and if you send the question early enough in teh morning (guess they are in China or HK) you will get a reply within hours if not minutes. I did have to send the first set back as the unit didn’t work properly and was getting a bit nervous but shouldn’t have been as replacement (very quick from Amazon) works a treat. Can view the cameras in the home office (over LAN), in the lounge (HDMI from box), on the phone (BB and iPhone) and over the internet anywhere. You can also name each camera and it automatically takes care of timing with auto Summer Time setting. Spiders still seem attracted to the cameras so you need a Ken Dodd tickle stick on a long handle to deal with that from time to time.

  3. avatar Motco says:

    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    SANNCE 4CH 1080P PoE NVR HD sk© Security SAVER SALE Camera System w/ 4 2.1 Megapixels 1920*1080P Weatherproof CCTV Bullet Camera, Power Over Ethernet, Smart Recording, Quick Scan QR Code Quick Remote Access

    Only four stars now because I have yet to install this system. I have bench tested it and the hardware all worked as I hoped, but until I get it on the wall and properly configure it, I cannot give a considered opinion. More to come including screen shots of the camera views if possible.
    Later: Now it’s installed and I’ve played with it a fair bit I can now make a couple of points. HD it may be but reading a car number plate beyond about fifty feet (fifteen metres) is not possible – not on my monitor anyway. I have not tried the HDMI output so it’s possible that may improve matters. The software is a bit of a challenge with much of the more obscure options unexplained. I was having a problem with the live video stream on my monitor freezing from time to time, but the technical service people at Annke analysed my problem and came back with a solution almost by return. That is astounding service from a company that must have thousands of customers, many of whom will be even more ill-informed than I am! I am not going to use email alerts – they would be fine indoors, but there’s so much movement outdoors that false activations are inevitable. Nor am I using motion detection to start recording because it would risk missing an important event just for the sake of a longer disc recycle time. I’m unsure how long a 1Tb disc will record four channels 24/7 before overwriting, but it’s a matter of many days I think. I have reduced the frame rate to 10fps from 25fps which will double the recycling time anyway. Only time will tell how long that will be. The motion detection will drop bookmarks on to the recorded material so that each event can be studied complete with the accompanying time either side. The recording triggered by one channel starts all four running or puts a ‘global’ bookmark on the timeline strip. If you go to the log, however, the channel number and precise time of each event is shown.
    This system is phenomenal value for money and must be judged with that in mind. I have along driveway but I assume that anyone intending to load their vehicle with all my valuables will drive up to the house rather than park sixty or seventy feet away and carry the loot. For visitors on foot a good close up shot is certain due to the camera locations so the ‘soft’ nature of the picture is fine. To get ID at sixty feet or number plates at a hundred would need a camera costing as much as the entire Annke system and to have two such cameras (not four) with NVR would be four times the cost. The accompanying screen shots show the four views in both daylight and in full darkness. You pays your money; you takes your choice!

    Since writing the above I have had cause to ask for help in altering a camera parameter. The technical people at Annke/Sannce could not have been more helpful and I now am able to delve into the nuts and bolts of the camera’s settings to, for example, switch off the IR illumination if ambient is high enough not to need it. As I said before, for a company that must sell very large volumes of product, their attention to customer satisfaction is excellent.

    Later: I have now had experience of a foggy night, picture below. As with spiders’ webs, the IR illuminators exaggerate the presence of the fog/web. You can see that the fog is not thick by the fact that the window of the house opposite is clearly visible at c.40m distance. The only cure for this is separate illuminators with the integral ones extinguished in my view.

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