2X Spiderex Aerosol Spray – Sale Item

2X Spiderex Aerosol Spray

2X Spiderex Aerosol SpraySpiderex Spider Spray works to remove spiders and reduce spider infestation along with all problems spiders cause including spider webs and build up of any spider related material. An easy to use spray, Spiderex works as effectively on houses, boats, caravans, sheds, cars, places of work and homes, indoors and outdoors. SpiderEx spider spray is an effective spray coating specially formulated to remove spider infestation, particularly in CCTV Cameras, Camera Housings and Alarm Sensors. Also often used on Garden Furniture and in Houses, Boats and Caravans. The spray is odourless and an equally effective insecticide for use indoors and out. The Spray can also be used as an insecticide on garden plants. Spiderex totally removes spiders along with all problems they cause users of CCTV and installers. Simply spray onto surfaces and the area will be effectively treated. Re-apply as necessary depending on the conditions the spray is being used to maintain a spider free system.

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